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I’ll admit to letting things get a little out off hand in the bedroom. No, not the good kind, I mean I’ve let things get a bit boring and it went on far too long. Then one day I decided to try an all natural Emily and Tony massage candle. I’ve heard of them before but always pictured a BDSM hot wax scenario and was a little skeptical. I tried it first on myself and was astonished! The Fougere scent was the perfect balance of Amber and earthy tones that I’d been looking for in a candle for quite some time. It also stayed warm, not scolding hot, and never came close to burning my skin. I used it for weeks as a moisturizer on myself. It left my skin baby soft and so enjoyably scented.

Sometimes we forget in our busy day to take time with ourselves. Self-pleasure, I’ll admit is often a rushed act. The goal was simply to finish quickly as possible then roll over and go to bed. However, giving myself neck and leg massages became an extremely relaxing and nightly routine. Personal foreplay is just as important as that with a partner. After enjoying the massage candle so much on myself I decided it was time to try it out with a guy I had been seeing. We are admitted geeks and decided to watch Lord of the Rings (what could be hotter, right?). As I look over, time and time again he was adjusting his head and said his neck had been sore for days. I asked if he’d like a massage and he enthusiastically agreed. Little did he know what I’d be using on him. When I brought the candle out he had so many questions, “Will that hurt?” “Will it feel waxy?” “How long does  it take to heat up?”. He’d never heard of a massage candle before and he went crazy for it! He said the warmth and smooth texture felt amazing over his muscles and loved the scent too. He was addicted, and so was I. Needless to say an Emily and Tony massage isn’t a request, but a sensual, luxurious, necessity in the bedroom.

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