Tales From the Sex Dungeon as Told by a Submissive: Part II

With each contact I clinched my jaw harder. With every stroke a shock of electricity surged through my body immediately followed by rapturous pulses. Leaving me to relish in warmth and blissful state of calm after the storm, Mistress suited up.

She wrapped her custom made leather harness around her waist then rummaged through her naughty Mary Poppins bag of toys. Out came a tan, slick, slightly-larger-than-average dildo and secured it in place on her pelvis and wrapped it with a condom. A smile draped over my face. Warm energized liquid dripping from my pussy, ready for take off.

She rewarded my pleads, sliding her cool cock into my crying opening. A small moan of relief pressed through my lips. She began thrusting. Harder and harder she drove her penis into me. I held my position, pressing my palms down into the leather cushion beneath me as to not sway. With all the teasing and build up, it did not take me long to ask, “May I come, Mistress?


“No,” was all she said.


I felt her fingers slip underneath my collar and thumb wrap around to hold tight. She pulled. She thrusted. My head drew back and my back arched even more as if I was being peeled away like a banana. Louder and louder my whimpers grew. Then, I was silent. The collar was strangled so tight around my throat not a sound, not a breath could enter or exit.

My body was going numb with pleasure. Then my arms gave out. My face smacked the cushion beneath me. I gasped for breath as the moans of a whimpering baby lion returned to my vocal cords. She did not let up. I could hear the groans of arousal release from deep inside her as well urging me on. “Please, please, Mistress, can I come?” I begged in enthused exhaustion.


“Yes,” and we came together.


Mistress is a very beautifully unique woman who comes not from being penetrated but by penetrating. When her strap-on hits her pubic mound as she enters her sub, when the sub comes, so does she.

Once we regained our breath and gave a little giggle. We looked back at him still hanging from the ceiling with a childlike smile on his face. Next, it was his turn, but before she untied him she sat me down and stroked my hair. Being the eloquent dom that she is, she made sure I felt safe, secure, and pleased.


Boy was I.  


Untangled from his rope and cock bondage, I watch perched up on the horse, Mistress led him to the bed and tied his wrists to the rings on the edges. Laying on his back, she placed a towel underneath his butt, then she went back into her magic goodie bag. She reemerged with a bit smaller dildo and two black plastic gloves. Once again, Mistress suited up for the next show. Securing the dildo on her pelvis, covered it with a fresh condom, and slipped the gloves over her hands. She slid between his bent legs.

Knelt at his groin, Mistress begins to stroke his half flaccid penis as her other hand reaches down to loosen his rectum. I watch as his cock rises to full attention. She continues to relax and arouse him until her fingers are able to penetrate inside of his anus.  She removed her fingers and replaced them with her strap-on.

To me this was fascinating. I had seen her fuck a guy before, but this time I had front row seats. I was closer to his head with Mistress across from me, but that was not good enough apparently. She commanded me to come stand next to her so I could get a more direct view of the slow, gentle thrusting.

His eyes began to close, mouth dropped open to let out a groan, and his penis got rock hard. He was about to burst, but before he got to his climax, Mistress commanded me to sit on his face. With Mistress pegging him, he stroked his cock, and my crotch on his face had him releasing like a rocket a good 12 inches straight up.

Climbing down off the bed, session over, water desperately needed, we start putting our clothing back on and chatting like we’re old friends. It goes back into a normal day, as we begin turning back into our everyday selves. Realizing he had to pick his niece up from the airport, he jetted out the door.


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For more info on Mistress Iris, visit dominatrixiris.com.

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