Tales from the Sex Dungeon as Told by a Submissive: Part I

I have considered myself a full submissive for about three years now and one of my favorite Doms is a gorgeous dominatrix named Mistress Iris. She and I have played a couple of times, always with us both leaving with massive smiles on our faces.

She had a client who wanted to watch her dominate another sub, so she called me (cue excited giggles). She gave me the rundown of what exactly was going to happen and we discussed my boundaries beforehand. Mistress would play with me while he watched on the sidelines, then he would tag in. There would be no penetration of him to me, nor was I to touch him or even look at him until told otherwise.

When I arrived at the dungeon in downtown LA, Mistress already had him tied up dangling from the ceiling by his wrist so he was just barely flat footed on the blood red carpet. His penis and testicles were also tied up by a little black rope and wore a silver ring like a necklace around the base. I kept my gaze down, as to not look at him directly, doing as I was told.

Mistress Iris instructed me to straddle the bondage horse facing away from him, my ass cheeks hanging off the edge, so he could observe my plump little buttocks get spanked. Being the good girl that I am, I followed instructions immediately. Mistress stood just to my right, close enough that if I stuck out my tongue, it was just shy of licking her porcelain thigh.


But I didn’t, I wouldn’t dare.


She leaned over me and began spanking me. First light and slow, then her baby doll hands turned into propellars smaking my ass. Sparks of heat shot throughout my entire body. I was getting spanked, being watched, and loving every second of it.

She than glided over to the wall where an army of toys hung waiting to be chosen. Mistress picked a quaint brown flogger (one of my favorites) and took her stance at my rear. One hand on her hip, the other creating figure eights with the tails of the flogger. First the flogger sporadically made contact with my bum, giving a light, but tender sting yet quite tender. That would not do for Mistress. She wanted to hear me whimper, so she walked back over to the wall of equipment.

This time she picked out the the black mamma. A black leather flogger with twice as many tails making it twice as heavy. With one thrash, my ass jumped off the edge of the bench and a small squeal escaped my lips. This pleased Mistress greatly.

“Ah yes, good girl.” she praised.


TO BE CONTINUED… (click here for part II)!

For more info on Mistress Iris, visit dominatrixiris.com.


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