The 5 Sexiest Dogs & Their Owners

sexiest dogs There’s nothing sexier than man’s best friend. Dogs make bland, unattractive people incredibly sexy. Or at least bearable to be around. Kloff, the iPhone app that helps pet owners mate with other pet owners, has discovered the top five breeds that make men more attractive. But what do the five sexiest mutts say about your man?




The 5 Sexiest Dogs (and their owners)

5. French Bulldogs 

Square jaw, small muscular bodies, and prone to wrinkles (the sexy and distinguished kind).

They have gentle dispositions and enjoy casual walks or jaunts down the boulevard. However, they do not like swimming or extreme heat. Honeymoon in Paris, not Hawaii.

Although they value human companionship and contact, they don’t fall into any specific relationship patterns. Some live in homes with families while others live in apartments and relish in the single life.

Their greatest strength is their sense of humor. They are clowns that like to be played with, as long as their playmate is gentle.

4. Siberian Huskies 

Sexy and rugged. Can pitch a tent with his own two paws. Beautiful pale blue eyes that pierce through your soul like icicles. They will take you out on a romantic sled ride on a snowcapped night. But they also know how to keep it casual and relax with the family.

They  are extremely intelligent, friendly, energetic, and loving. However, you have to tell them exactly what you want and train them to follow your lead. If you don’t secure your Husky he will become bored, mischievous, and unfaithful. They like to roam so keep him on a leash!

3. Labrador Retrievers 

Sleek yellow, black, and chocolate coats. They are loud, independent, and great with kids. They love their families and would do most anything to protect them. However, their bark is bigger than their bite. They are cuddly, wholesome creatures. So strap a studded collar on him and have some fun.

2. Golden Retrievers

You might not have contemplated the subtle yet key differences between a man with a Lab and a man with a Golden Retriever. While both are family-oriented, Golden Retrievers are more laid-back and social. They are quieter, more reserved creatures, and just as cuddly.

Their only drawback is that they can be a little high maintenance. Their lush golden mane gets everywhere and they need attention constantly. They want to hang out all the time so good luck establishing boundaries and sleeping in separate bedrooms.

1. German Shepherds

Brunette, sexy, limber, and strong. They excel in athletics and are extremely protective. They can seem overprotective at times when they jump at your friends and only want to hang out with you in group situations. Although they have a reputation for being aggressive, they can be very calm and reliable if you train them right. While I wouldn’t call Shepherds religious necessarily, they believe they have a purpose beyond peeing on things to mark their territory.

So gentleman go to your local pet shop or pound (for charitable points) and get yourself a hound. The dog park is waiting for you to unleash your sexiness. No matter if you see yourself as a French Bulldog, Siberian Husky, Lab, Golden Retriever, or German Shepherd, someone will hopefully respond to your animal call.

After all, you can tell a lot about a man by his dog(s). Dogs are the furry mirror images of their owners. Or if anything they reflect what their owner thinks about himself and aspires to be– free and wildly humping.

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