The Great Vagina Search

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When YouTube star Davey Wavey posted this ad on Craigslist, he was not just being your run-of-the-mill Craigslist creeper. He had something in mind, and his intentions were much more honorable than one might think: His goal was to help women learn to accept and love their bodies by confronting their vaginal fears.

So what would cause a woman to go her entire life without once sneaking a good look at her own undercarriage? This was Davey Wavey’s driving question. When he placed the ad, he wanted to reach out to these women, and learn more about their reasons for never taking a closer look.

Of those who responded to the ad and came in to be interviewed, five women were chosen to be a part of his now-viral video. These women were asked, on camera, why they had never wanted to see their vaginas before. Their responses ranged from insecurities due to their weight, to insecurities due to negative reactions from old boyfriends, to religion, to sexual assault trauma. Several of them revealed concerns that it would be ugly, a fear that many women out there share.

After their confessions, the women were asked to actually face their fears head-on, and give their vaginas a closer look. This might sound a bit racy, but it was actually handled very tastefully. Davey set up a silk-curtained “vagina booth”, handed the women a hand mirror, and taped their reactions to seeing their own goods for the first time. What he captured on camera was both inspiring and wonderful.

Although initially hesitant, all five women were pleasantly surprised by what they saw in their mirrors. One woman giggled and said “awww”. One commented that her vagina looked really happy. One admitted, relieved, that she thought it looked “totally normal” and had no idea what she was so freaked out about. My personal favorite vagina comment: “It looks like an apple turnover!”

Overall, each woman responded very positively to the Vagina Booth Experiment. They confessed that felt more confident and comfortable with themselves, having seen it. As one woman put it, “I think learning about my body is really going to help me”.

The main conclusion that can be drawn here is that across the board, all vaginas are different and “normal” in their own way, and they all deserve our appreciation. Check out the vag-tastic video, and then bust out the hand mirror and check yourself out! You’ll be glad you did.


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