The Longer The Better

No I’m not talking about penises. Anyway, girth matters more than length.

The longer the better when it comes to oral sex, unless you can get your partner there in a couple of minutes…

I recently received an email from a guy asking me how he can get his girlfriend to perform oral sex on him longer. Apparently two minutes just isn’t cutting it for him.

As a woman I can relate. There are so many men who believe they’re performing oral sex, when really they’re just sticking their head down there for a few seconds and giving a few weak licks. This does nothing. You could’ve fetched me a glass of water in those 30 seconds. I’m thirsty darn it!

Some people even prefer oral sex to intercourse, because it’s kind of the best thing ever. If you don’t want to have sex for two minutes, why would you want to have oral sex for two minutes?

If your partner isn’t spending enough time down there, you need to speak up. DO NOT shove your partners head down to your groin. Use your words.

If you want something, attempt to get it with positive reinforcement. Tell them it feels AMAZING when he or she performs oral sex on you and you’d love to experience the feeling longer.

Perhaps they feel insecure about their oral sex skills and need feedback from you. Or maybe they don’t like the taste (Masque: Sexual Flavors anyone?). They’ll want to do it more if they have better oral sex self-esteem.

Plus if you perform longer on them, they will feel more inspired to return the favor.

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