The Sexiest President’s of the United States of America

Many people forget that President’s Day isn’t just about buying a new mattress at a ridiculously low price. President’s day is about recognizing the men who have made the s USA what it is today– for better or worse. Today we take off our hats to the biggest studs to to grace the oval office.
To show our patriotism, we’ve reached for our history books and found pictures of these men doing what they do best- looking sexy. No matter if they’re rocking the powdered wig, wooden teeth, or the manliest beard in DC, it’s clear what these men stand for- life, liberty, and the pursuit of sexiness.
1. Baberaham Lincoln, you can cut down my cherry tree any day, you tall gangly man
2. Ulysses S. Grant, another bearded stud. He’s got that sexy lumberjack thing going on.
3. Teddy Roosevelt– known for his solid stache and Big Stick (Diplomacy)
4. Andrew Jackson makes a $20 bill look like a hundred bucks
5. Calvin Coolidge: Nothing is sexier than a strong man holding a kitten
6. Franklin Pierce, apparently you were President? All I know is I would have voted for you. How could I not with those tousled locks and strong jawline?
7. Ronald Reagan: Babe I’d like to have hate sex with. What a movie star!
8. JFK: Total babe. Happy birthday Mr. President!
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