SWE – Sexual Napalm

Ready to set the sheets ablaze with your lovemaking? According to John Mayer, Jessica Simpson’s the lady to ask for tips. But until you actually meet her and pop the question, today’s show should get you there with a guide to better french kissing and tips for how to lighten the mood before sex.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and neither Emily nor Menace are prepared, but they seem oddly calm. Emily’s friend landed guy through online dating after “hundreds of dates” with other online daters, but where Emily sees a miracle, Menace sees a maniac. Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex? Emily can check ‘ski gondola’ off her list, while Menace once sneakily sullied David Allen Grier’s dressing room. Learn the importance of using your words to turn a woman on, and the hazards of dating men in their 20’s. Menace thinks Emily is a homewrecker by proxy, for telling her all her married friends about her crazy single lifestyle. Thankfully for those married couples threatened by Emily’s stories, an older listener proves it’s never too late to start sexting and rekindle the flame. Finally, Menace is horrified when Emily doesn’t know any lyrics to ‘The Thong Song’.


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