Tie Him Up

tie him upIf you’re always the one getting tied up and teased, tie him up for a change. Because boys shouldn’t get to have all the fun tying you up…

One of the joys of bondage is the opportunity to focus on titillating your partner. Build the anticipation by temporarily denying your partner pleasure. Once you tie him up, you are completely in control of when and how he receives pleasure.  It can be completely empowering to take on a dominant role, especially if you’re used to being the submissive one in bed.

Consider making him wait while your strip and touch yourself. Then have him watch while you turn yourself on, just out of his reach. Next, focus your attention on him, using your hands and tongue to tease his body, but stop before touching his genitals. See how long both of you can stand it before you let him have some release. You can decide to ride him while he’s still tied up, or untie him for the sex.

tie him up

Image from Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight

Tie Him Up Tips

  • Good Vibrations sells handy bondage kits that make tying up your partner (and letting him free) literally a snap.
  • Pillows raise his pelvis for new angles of stimulation.
  • Be sure the cuffs aren’t tight enough to cut off his circulation.
  • Have a safe word established in case things get out of hand. Something random like, “banana” is better than “no.” So if you’re tying him a little too tight or if he’s feeling uncomfortable, he can call out “banana.”
  • If you learned anything from Wedding Crashers, don’t stick his dirty socks in his mouth after you tie him up
Alright, now go find a guy to tie up! You know you want to.



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