Tricks For Giving a Sensual Massage

tumblr_nyf7wqvur81rrugpso1_500If you’re anything like me, you prefer cold weather and cloudy days over scorching sunlight. I’m not a gloomy guy, but I’d rather throw on a jacket during the afternoon than sweat through my jockstrap. Even though the fall and winter seasons don’t get that cold in LA, I still look forward to cozying up at night.

Electric blankets and pricey hot plates might be the trendy way to stay warm, but I’ve always favored old-fashioned body heat. I can only stay so warm by myself, so cuddling next to a partner seems like the rational thing to do, right? As much I love a good cuddle under the sheets, I think a helpful hand or two might do me justice.

Now I’m not talking about handjobs (yet), but a gentle, sensual massage is a fabulous way to crank up the heat and be a handy lover. This expression of love is often overlooked as a sappy and possibly boring part of sex, but it doesn’t have to be—In fact, it doesn’t have to lead to sex at all. The real goal of this sensual experience is to bring you closer to your partner, to help you get in tune with each other’s bodies.

Physical contact can intensify any human interaction, whether it’s sexual, sensual or purely romantic. No matter where the rub down leads you, it’s up to you to make the most out of this experience.

Here are my tricks for a fantastic sensual massage:

Caress the Body

Taking the time to learn a partner’s body is an essential part of any sensual massage. Think about this as your warm up. The best way to get familiar with your lover’s form is to caress it softly and slowly.

Ask your partner to lie down and close their eyes. Ease into the massage by stroking your fingers across the length of their body, letting them get comfortable with your touch and relax into the moment. There are many parts of the human body that generally go untouched, so don’t be afraid to trace your fingers along every curve you see, letting your hands explore the crevices that are often overlooked. This exercise is about discovery, so pay attention to your partner’s reactions. There’s no rush when it comes to sensuality, so take your time exploring their body and vice versa.

Neck to Neck

Infinity scarves can keep you warm throughout the day, and look damn cute while doing so, but they can’t reach out and caress your neck for you. Many people find that their necks respond very favorably to touch, but they might not realize why. Because the skin on the neck is so thin, every single sensation is amplified. Every breath, every gentle kiss, even the smallest nibbles, send pleasurable messages to the brain, thus making the neck a hot bed for sensual touching.

For this one, try sitting across from your partner, pulling each other in close and (gently) locking necks. Start rubbing your necks against each other, kind of like lovebirds, and let your hands wander over each other’s bodies. If you’re not sure what to do, or what feels best, you can mirror your partner’s movements or try the things that you would like—Chances are, if it feels good on you, your partner might enjoy the same sensation. You can experiment doing this cuddled on the couch or laying down, really any position you can get yourself into, as long as your necks stay skin to skin.

Make It Wet

Of course a basic massage can certainly get the job done, but why be average when the simple act of adding some steam and a splash of hot water can enhance your massage instantly. Take a hot shower with your partner before your next massage to help you channel your zen. You can even whip out the massage gel to give your skills the edge they need. JO’s Nuru Full-Body Sensual Massage Gel is your best choice when it comes to sensuality. Lather up that body and use a generous amount of gel to provide the best experience. If the gel dries up, just add some water to activate the fun once again. The gel’s fluid sensation can help you and your partner create that closer connection you’ve been looking forward to.

Find the Sweet Spots

Our body’s sensations weren’t created equally, so it’s time to do some investigating and find our best lead. I’m sure you found some sweet spots while you were caressing your partner’s body, but here are the ones you can’t skip.

  • Ears: These might not be the sexiest part of your body, but they are quite sensitive. Trace the lining of your ear inside and out with a finger or to. And you can’t forget about rubbing the ear lobes! If you partner likes the ear rub, try placing their ear between two fingers and move your them up and down. Think about it as an ear job.
  • Chest: It’s no secret that our chest is a hot spot when it comes to a good rub. Place a thumb under each breast (male and female) and brush your fingertips on the top of the breast. This can be very soothing for men and women. If you’re looking for a real treat, rub the nipples with a wet finger and add more pressure as requested.
  • Side Abdomen: These soft spots can trigger a flood of sensation all over the upper torso. Stroke your fingers along the sides of their abdomen, fluctuating your pace. If they’re comfortable, hold both sides of the waist and move your hands up and down while you rub your thumbs on the sides and as far as they reach.
  • Lower Back: Activating this part of the body will release more erotic energy, so don’t neglect it. Make a fist and rub the bottom of your palm on this area. You can also switch it up by pressing your knuckles softly. Try both hands or just use one so you can wander their bum and rub it in circular motions.
  • Feet: Our feet are packed with tingling sensations that can be triggered with the smallest stroke. Brush a finger from toe to heel on each foot and then focus on one foot. Hold the heel with the palm of your hand and stick your fingers between each toe. Don’t force your way through their toes if you can’t do so softly. Finish it off with a good rub on the back of their feet above the heel.

Take It to the Next Level

A sensual massage might be a wonderful tease, but I’m sure you’re ready for more. You’ve already put in the work, so it only makes sense to take it all the way. Your body is more balanced and relaxed by now, so the timing is perfect. I bet you’ll even have a stronger orgasm! The sensual rhythms of the massage can help align your body and mind, so a phenomenal orgasm is closer than you think. You owe yourself a good lay, so have at it!

Exploring our sensuality with a partner can be a great tool to teach you more about your body and what it likes. Creating a connection with physical touch can leave a lasting impression on your mind and it will keep you warm. Happy rubbing!

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