“Unbutton the Top Button,” And Other Lessons From Aunt Linda

Unbutton Like a Good Girl...

The Sinclair Institute, a sex education company promoting “better relationships and better sex,” carries sex toys and their own line of erotic films.  I chose to watch “The Voyeur” from the Romance Collection, a female erotica series and learned some life lessons in addition to sex tips.  Linda, a tall, thin, redhead with a European accent is the aunt of Brenda, who is blonde and beautiful, but uptight.  Brenda seeks Linda’s advice as her marriage begins to stale.  Linda’s words throughout the movie are wise.


Lesson #1–  Sex promotes thinness.  Chubby girls who don’t get action are catty.

Scene: Cocktail party

Catty girl in a clique:  “Linda how do you stay so thin?”

Aunt Linda: “Sex lots of sex .  It keeps both of us thin with lots of love.”

After:   The catty girls still whisper and wonder.  Not only are they not thin or confident.  They also are not getting laid.

Lesson #2-   Unbutton the top button, especially when dressed in Brooks Brothers.

Scene:  Brenda reveals her marriage problems to Aunt Linda in the  kitchen.  Linda unbuttons the top button of Linda’s collared shirt.

She advises: “Always unbutton one more button than you think you should”

 Aftermath:  Feeling vixenish Brenda gets busy with her husband in the bathroom that day. Her breasts easily become exposed and her husband rejoices:  “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

Lesson #3–  Stop being a worrywart.  Focus on seduction.

Scene: At Linda’s suggestion, Brenda and her husband go on a weekend getaway to Napa in order to rekindle their relationship.   After check  in, Brenda calls Aunt Linda who is babysitting Brenda’s children at home.  Brenda wants to know what is going on at the house.

Aunt Linda tells Brenda not to worry: “You are there to seduce your husband.”

Aftermath:  Brenda takes Aunt Linda’s advice for the weekend.  The passion of Brenda and her husband is taken to  sexual heights, which includes a ménage a trois that weekend.  I do not want to be distracting  at work, so , for details watch the video.

The Romance Collection, From the Sinclair Institute

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