Video Podcast – Best Oral Sex Tips

Emily discusses the best cunnilingus tips for the people by the people. Then she gives a couple of her own oral sex tips. If you want to please a woman you have to understand the clitoris. Other topics include: orgasms too soon or not soon enough, sex with your ex, and separating love from sex. Watch the video here (or below).


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  1. Dan says:

    At around the 24:00 mark, you started to imply that men are more hurt by cheating than women are, and that’s true—just not for the reason you suggested. An exclusive relationship satisfies the female evolutionary drive to find a reliable provider for provision, protection and raising children; whereas a male’s evolutionary drive is to spread the seed far and wide to as many women as possible.

    Hence, modern committed relationships require a much greater sacrifice for the male than for the female; so when that sacrifice is spurned or unappreciated, males are much more likely to leave the relationship after a woman has cheated than women are in the case of a male cheating.

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