In this special Valentine’s Day episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Emily Morse get real about relationships. Steph Purpura spent her childhood feeling worthless but as an adult she’s found herself and put in the work to live an amazing life. With her husband she runs a company called Powerful-U. Emily Morse, also known as Sex with Emily, has a doctorate in human sexuality. She is a sex and relationship expert with one of the top relationship podcasts in the world.

Trying Out Role Play

How do you get the variety of sleeping with a whole new person that doesn’t involve cheating on your current partner? Role play, of course! You can get super into it with outfits, or just use that sexy imagination of yours.

Sexy DIY Gifts

Instead of the traditional flowers and chocolate, show your partner how much you really care with some DIY gifts! It can be as easy as writing love notes on post-its in a heart shape on the bathroom mirror.

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