April 2020 was a long, hard month indeed. But alas, we’re nearing the summer months and it’s officially May! If you need a break from bad news and days full of stress, we at Sex With Emily have got a reason for you to celebrate. It’s Masturbation Month all May long! There are so many reasons to celebrate masturbation. Not only does masturbation feel AWESOME, it’s also great FOR you. There are health benefits galore when it comes to chokin’ the chicken, flickin’ the bean, or whatever else you do to

It’s Thanksgiving. And that means it’s the season for gratitude. Everyone has something they’re thankful for. Maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s your partner. Maybe you’re thankful that you got a new job or learned a fun new sex position! Whatever the reason, we here at Sex With Emily are celebrating gratitude in any way we can! This year, Emily has a special relationship she would like to express her immense appreciation for…   *** Are you ready to appreciate the wonder that is the Magic Wand? You’ll be thankful

Listen – I get it, you might not want an actual prenup, but hear me out – how about a prenup conversation? Having these talks before you walk down the aisle can save you from a lot of headaches later on. Here’s a clip from my podcast with Laura Wasser founder of It’s Over Easy. She’s made divorce less of a struggle for everyone involved. Loved this episode so much – it’s chock-full of important information that everyone should know before tying the knot. You can find the full episode here

What better way to tantalize every erogenous zone than by slipping on the pretty Liz by Pave CalExotics mini-vibe on your finger? Oh and can we talk about how gorgeous they are?! To get yours visit https://calexotics.com/   HEY SEXY! SUBSCRIBE for MORE SEX WITH EMILY ►► http://bit.ly/2j5hgqR

How can we get the proper sex education to our kids through the school system? Erotica Filmmaker Erika Lust & I discuss the importance of answering sexual related questions our children have thoroughly & compassionately. Because if it’s not being taught, or if there is no ongoing conversation, then the first place teenagers turn to answers is porn (which might be entertaining, but it’s the last place to go for education.) For more about Erika Lust, click here. To subscribe to the SWE YouTube Channel, click here.

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