Emily talks with Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard about two of the biggest relationship killers- sex and money- and how to talk about them with your partner. Emily and Amy Jo discuss why it’s important to invest in your pleasure and how to experience more powerful orgasms. The show comes to a dramatic climax with lesbian sex secrets for men, from foreplay to cunnilingus, to what women really want in bed.

The penis party continues at TRadioV with a lesson in male anatomy, and just the tip for pleasuring the penis. Emily and Menace celebrate the beginning of October by debating the best Halloween costumes from years past (a Rabbi vs. Queen Midas). In the spirit of the season, Emily gives Menace some Cosmic Bear Glow in the Dark Lubricant  not only so his penis glows but also so he can use it as war paint. 

Emily gets right down to it in this video podcast, talking about man’s favorite appendage– the penis. From the perineum all the way to the tip, she shares some fun phallic facts including the largest human penis ever recorded.

It was a Tuesday night slumber party  when professional matchmaker Amy Laurent, Emily’s co-star on Miss Advised, and Emily reunited to promote  Amy’s new book, 8 Weeks to Everlasting, A Guide to Getting (and Keeping) The Guy You Want.   The girls chatted like sisters discussing Amy’s dating and relationship guide and also re-hashed old Miss Advised episodes with Menace chiming in in the background as the younger (or, at least more immature) brother…

Make sure you visual learners tune in to today’s Sex With Emily, as she runs through some of the hottest sexual positions you need to try, complete with illustrations. Emily even learns a few moves herself, from the set of a Sinclair Institute® video, and shows off some must-try vibrators with author Barbie Davenporte. Menace has an on-camera bromance, a listener has a problem with mismatched libidos, and we learn in graphic detail the dangers of some positions. Watch the video here or below.

What do you wish you’d learned in Sex Ed? Emily teamed up with  The Sinclair Institute® to rewrite the sextbooks, and today she’s announcing the winners of her contest and reading the best listener-submitted suggestions and stories. Her work may be needed now more than ever, as reports show that American teen guys aren’t reciprocating in oral sex enough, and Wyoming of all places is labeled the national epicenter of sex toy usage.

Emily and Menace debate ideas for reigniting the spark during National Romance Month. Emily likes many of the ideas, but Menace doesn’t see her fulfilling any of them. She also discusses the notorious “strange puss” comment made by her date David on the season finale of Miss Advised. A caller does some interesting delving into Menace’s love life and he makes her a proposition she can probably refuse. Other topics include: libido issues, ben wa balls, and sexy camping. Watch the video here 

Emily discusses the best cunnilingus tips for the people by the people. Then she gives a couple of her own oral sex tips. If you want to please a woman you have to understand the clitoris. Other topics include: orgasms too soon or not soon enough, sex with your ex, and separating love from sex. Watch the video here

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