Wet & Wild With Your Waterproof Sex Toys

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As the temperatures begin to rise, so do our libidos… Which leads to the perfect accessory for kicking good times into even higher gear: waterproof sex toys!

Whether it’s a rub in the tub, steamy shower sex, or spicing up your next beach outing, waterproof toys can be an excellent addition to ramp up any orgasmic fun already in the making.

Since pleasure and electrocution don’t necessarily go that well together either, you want to make sure you’ve got the right one up your sleeve.

The good news is that regardless if you’re masturbating or bringing your partner along for the wet and wild ride, there’s an aquatic-friendly tool out there for you—and we’re here to help you find it!



The creme de la creme (no pun intended) of male sex toys, the Fleshlight is a staple for any kind of waterproof fun. Lined with a hyper-realistic sleeve that mimics skin on a whole new level, this masterful masturbator can have you dripping with pleasure in no time flat.

Because of its plastic outer casing and lack of electrical elements, there’s nothing to hold you back from bringing your Fleshlight into the tub or shower. Especially thanks to the trusty hands-free wall mount accessory…

As if it couldn’t get any better – clean up’s a breeze, too! Simply slide out the inner sleeve, and give it a good wash with toy cleaner or soapy water. Fall in love with the Fleshlight this summer. 


Pave Marilyn

Just as gorgeous as it is functional, the Pave Marilyn by Jopen is another excellent water-compatible place to start. Armed with a powerful dual motor and 35 different pattern combinations to boot. This randy rabbit vibe knows how to seal the sexy deal, no matter where you are.

With enough pleasure prowess to hit all the right internal and external sweet spots simultaneously, you can bring on any type of orgasm you’d like with up to two full hours of waterproof vibration. You’ll love the silky smoothness from its satin-like silicone surface. Marilyn users are amazed by how well these alluring rumbles carry them off into bathtime bliss.


The Womanizer

By now a lot of people have at least heard of the legendary Womanizer, but would you have guessed it’s just as ready for the high seas? The patented pleasure air technology may feel like vibration, however, it uses a unique series of suction and pressure waves to bring on underwater orgasms like no other.

In addition to its special stimulation style, the Womanizer is also unique in its beautiful outer shell design. Not to mention the whopping four hours of battery life. Whether you like the upgraded 12 intensity levels of the Premium or travel-ready cover that comes with the Liberty, this titillating tool can bring summer fun to the next level. Plus, they’re super glam while at it!


G-Spot Bullet

If you’re a ‘best of both worlds’ kind of person, then Je Joue’s g-spot bullet might be the perfect summer sidekick for you. Super versatile and expertly engineered, the curvature of this small yet mighty rechargeable device aligns perfectly with the body.

Internal g-spot stimulation, external clitoral action—whichever mood strikes, you’ll be equipped to hit it just right. Even if you’re one to spend the sunny season globe-trotting, you can plug it into a USB port for easy charging regardless of where you are in the world.


Silicone Anal Beads

If you’re searching for something more adventurous come the summer season, silicone anal beads can bring the waterproof pleasure power as well. Anal play stimulates a huge concentration of extra sensitive nerve endings, which instantly kicks sensation into high gear. Incorporating any anal toys helps amplify the sensations of any other alluring action happening at the same time.

Of all the places, anything anal also means lube is an utmost necessity. Be sure to slather the beads with something water-based like pjur nude (since the toy is silicone) and go at your own pace of insertion. The great thing about beads is that you’re in control. It’s up to you to decide how deep you want to go. Which means they’re a good pick for all experience levels, too.


The WeVibe Sync

Specially crafted with couples in mind, the WeVibe Sync can also help majorly bring the heat this summer. An adjustable vibe that conforms to your own silhouette, this unique vibe for partners is designed to not only be used, but worn during sex as well. So no matter how many position changes you go through, it stays in place. Stimulating her g-spot and clitoris, and his member, all at once.

Since it’s 100% waterproof and made of totally body-safe materials, it can additionally be completely submerged in deeper bodies of water like a pool or the ocean. For even more wet and wild fun, you can use their We-Connect app to sync the vibration up with your favorite summer jams and keep the pleasure party rolling all season long.


So go get splashing! 


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