What Do Women Look For in a Man?

what do women look for in man Men always ask me, what do women look for in a man? They treat attraction as a universal thing, as if all the women of the world all want the same thing on a menu of men. I’ll have the tall, dark, and handsome with nice job on the side. Also, I’ll have some extra money sprinkled on the top.

Men think all women are looking for the same thing, when really we aren’t. In fact, I’ve been craving laughter lately and a little sex for dessert.

The guy men think women are drooling over seem boring to me! Although it doesn’t hurt to be devastatingly good looking, what women are really looking for is the funny guy. When we are old and wrinkly we want someone who still makes us laugh over tea and crumpets. A sense of humor goes further than sexiness.

But we do want someone who is enthusiastic about  sex and someone who continues to hone their sex skills. Women enjoy sex just as men do, when it’s done right. You either need to know what you are doing or ask the right questions.  A confident man who genuinely wants to please women will ask for directions, and probably get her there a hell of a lot sooner because of it.

Another thing women look for is intelligence. We want men who challenge the way we think about the world, not guys who follow us around like puppy dogs, applauding everything we say. (Although we do say some pretty great things).

We also want someone who is passionate about things in life other than us. We don’t need to be your whole world, just a good portion of it.

Lastly, we want someone who is kind, attentive and appreciates our idiosyncrasies. You don’t have to find all of our flaws incredibly endearing, but it’s nice to know that you understand where we are coming from. Noticing the little things is so much more important than making big romantic statements. Noticing when she’s got a new pair of glasses says more than, “your eyes are so beautiful I wish I could swim in them.”

After all, it is the subtleties that make women fall in love. We love the way you try to make our friends feel comfortable and how you nervously take off your leather jacket so our parents won’t see you in it. We love finding you curled up, reading our favorite book because you want to understand us better. We fall in love in the moments where you don’t realize your own greatness.

What do women look for in a man? While most women want a guy with a sense of humor, intelligence, and a healthy penis, what each woman finds irresistibly funny, smart, and sexy is a little different. Always try to be the best version of yourself so when a woman comes along who jibes with your subtle sexiness, you’ll be ready.

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