Condom Decline & Why We Need to Wrap it Up


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, condoms play a key role when it comes to sex these days. Between how easy they are to get, and how much protection they help provide, there’s no denying the 98%-worth of perks they bring to the table.

So much like the trendiness of Facebook or state of T.J. Miller’s career, would you believe the use of condoms is actually on a steep decline?

I’m sure you would.

According to CDC research, only about 24% of women and 34% of men ages 15 to 44 report having used a condom during their last sex session. Plus, only 60% and 56% of those women and men respectively said condoms are the only form of birth control they use.

Now, we all know how readily available and relatively inexpensive they are, so the real question is why people are increasingly willing to put themselves at such risk.

Considering the fact condoms (and dental dams) are the best and only real bet at reducing the likelihood of contracting an STD during intercourse (ahem, when used consistently and correctly), that should come as pretty stellar inspiration to combat the roughly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections that occur each year.

When asked to explain why not to wrap up the ole tools, people have offered up almost every excuse in the book. Being uncomfortable, taking away the pleasure, not fitting correctly, or even straight up breaking during intercourse — the list goes on and on. Not to mention in the mindset of Millennials in particular, their reasoning goes far beyond the literal alone.

Times They Are A-Changing

We’ve all heard the mysterious headlines of how Millennials may (or may not) be having less sex than generations past. If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that they’re taking after Kendrick and don’t want ‘the vibe’ to be killed.

With such a prevalence of relationships best described as “friends with benefits” or “hanging out,” it’s thought the younger folk relish in keeping things calm, cool, and chill above all. In these kinds of low-key situationships, many may feel they already know the other person pretty well. Furthermore, well enough to not worry about using protection during casual sex.

Super Stakes

With all of that said, we unfortunately can’t afford to ignore some potential repercussions of condoms’ decline. The world of STDs is a pretty obvious risk; however, a more silent but deadly threat on the horizon is the newfound strands of super STDs/STIs on the loose.

In just the last few years, the World Health Organization has begun warning of certain superbug strains that are apparently resistant to antibiotics. Since pure intercourse isn’t the only way these infections can be transferred (whether super or not), it’s definitely something else to keep in mind when considering protection.

In The End, Not All Condoms Are Created Equal

When weighing the pros and cons of wrapping up, always note how key it is to find what works best for you. Whether it’s size, material, texture – even moral compass that means the most—the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to today’s condom market.

Most condoms are latex, but from experience, it dries many people out. If this is your excuse, the brand for you might be non-latex SKYN Condoms – made of a material so soft and natural feeling, you may even forget it’s there. If latex isn’t your worry, the world’s #2 leading condom company Lifestyles manufactures both latex and non-latex brands of all varieties – from ribbed to lubed to heat transferring (including SKYN). Size issues? Custom-fit One Condoms feature 60 different sizes to help ensure you find the perfect fit (and some pretty cool artwork to go along with it, too).

Even with oral sex, protection is just as important. So whether you’re the one giving or receiving, dental dams can be a solid way to help protect everyone involved as well.


So when navigating the tricky waters of sex, never be afraid to play it safe. With so many options of products nowadays that allow for function without sacrificing sensation, there should be no reason to ever let condoms go out of style.


Alex Anderson is an LA-based lifestyle designer proactively raging against the cultural grain. By day she works in television production, and by night enjoys writing, sewing and seeking guidance from the stars. She also finally has an all black kitty named “Cher.” You can follow her website ( and on Instagram (@AJAndMore)!

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