Woman on Top Position

woman on top positionWoman on top position is the greatest position ever, because a woman is in control, duh! When a woman’s on top, she’s in charge of the movement. No more jackhammer sex, where the guy completely misses your clitoris, because you can grind on him the way you want. And because the man has a limited range of motion, it may make the sexual encounter last longer. It’s a win-win sex situation.

Here’s how to do woman on top position right…

Straddle your partner with your knees on either side of his hips. You can also squat over his body with your feet flat on the outer sides of his thighs. Either way, the key is to slowly lower yourself, and ease him inside.

If you’re both sitting up, you can press yourselves chest to chest and cheek to cheek (no, I’m not talking about your butt cheeks). Intimate eye contact is almost unavoidable so hopefully he doesn’t creepily stare into your eyes. While you’re gazing deeply into each others eyes, wrap your hands around your partner’s body, or place them on the back of a chair, couch or bed to use as leverage. Or you can lean away from him, arch your back and give him a show. Your abs will look awesome when you arch back and his penis appreciate it too.

You got lots of options in woman on top position, girl! You can ride him all sorts of ways. Move up and down, rock back and forth, or grind your hips in a circle. Try squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, too. Some women feel self-conscious about being “on display” in this way. But trust me, your partner loves your breasts dangling in their face.

Woman On Top Position

woman on top position

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