Your Biggest Turn-On’s and Turn-Off’s Revealed!

What gets you hot, and what gets you hot and bothered? I recently asked people to share their biggest turn-ons and turn-offs. The most amusing and true turn-on and the turn-off win Forta, an all natural sexual enhancement for men and women. Various themes were prevalent for both turn-ons and turn-offs— mouth (kissing-turn-on, bad teeth- turn-off), sweat (“sweaty man” – turn-on; but B.O. -turn-off),  and leg wear (fishnets- turn on; socks- turn off).



Some were specific to relationships…

“Top turn on is hearing my husband telling me I’m so hot! After being married 6 years it still turns me on to hear him say those exact words!”

“My husband watching me perform…”

“When my husband kisses my neck. It’s simple but gets me everytime.”

“Role playing while teasing, like “you’re not going to get any”. The other day my girlfriend was acting like I was a stranger she wouldn’t sleep with, but purposely being provocative. By the time she was done I couldn’t take it anymore.” (winner) 

(For tips, use I Dare You: Thirty Sealed Seductions cards)

Others were more personal…

“A woman in a t-shirt and no panties.”

“Tons of foreplay and kissing, kissing!!!”

“A girl I met in Vegas one weekend did the simplest and hottest thing. I ended up putting my right arm around her, and she put her left arm along my lower back and then weaved her left hand between my left arm and my body. I don’t know why, but I LOVED it. That extra point of contact, of intimacy, got me all kinds of stoked. It’s totally, one hundred percent nonsense since it’s not really any sort of intimate spot on the body, but it definitely got me going.”

“If we are already in the bedroom the sounds a girl makes when she’s turned on. If I’m just meeting someone, it’s butt, boobs, and sexy voice.”

“Nothing says I love you (and turns me on) like a solid open palm slap to the ass! Throw in a little neck nibbling and I’m on my way to a very happy place.”


“A woman in heels and fishnet stockings does it for me”

“My top turn on is a man who knows his way around a woman’s body, enjoys it, and isn’t afraid to try new things.”

But of course, for every turn-on there is a turn-off;  yours were specific,  but also fair…

          “Keeping your socks on!”

“My #1 turn off: bad teeth!!! You can have a semi crooked nose, eyes or a little more hair than others, but if your teeth are bad it’s a huge game changer!”

“If he degrades me in any way.”

“Planning sex, or the other person always wanting you to make the first move all of the time.” (Winner)

“My top turn-off is a someone with B.O. Some people really need to use more deodorant or shower before sex.”

“The thought of a golden shower”



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