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How would you react if you saw a picture of your 85-year-old mother stuffing dollars down a male strippers briefs?

A Long Island nursing home is being sued by Franklin Youngblood, who was outraged over a photo of his mother will bills that were supposedly locked away. The New York Post reports that a low-rent Chippendale’s-like group was hired by the East Neck Nursing Center in West Babylon to entertain some elderly residents earlier this year. Continue Reading

Emily answers emails from listeners with topics including: sexy vs. slutty, friend zoning, Kegel exercises and fetishes.

Menace grills Emily for slacking on pop culture. Emily breaks down what Gwyneth Paltrow meant when she described her split as “conscious uncoupling”. Menace questions the audience on dealing with dating celebrities and their famous Ex’s. Emily recaps her live, in-studio date from the popular dating app Tinder. Emily confesses how she avoids talking about sex on the first date and the question, “What do you do for a living?”.  Continue Reading


We’ve all flipped through Cosmo tips on what men want in bed, whether it’s a twist of the wrist during a hand job or sexy eye contact during oral sex. Sure, technique is important, but Cosmo’s glossing over what guys want more than anything— a woman who is genuinely into sex and knows what she wants. Men don’t want you to just go through the motions. No one wants to have sex with a robot (well most people, anyway). Men want a woman who actually wants to have sex, initiates it, enjoys it, and is open to new things.


1. Know What You Want

If knowing what you want makes you better in bed, your first homework assignment is to figure out exactly how you an orgasm (you might want to have three or four orgasms just to make sure you’ve got your technique down).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had sex one time or more times than you can count (I mean really, who can keep track?). You need to explore your own body before you can have truly great sex with another person. Continue Reading

Personal Naturally Hydrating Lubricant

Emily & Tony – Personal Naturally Hydrating Lubricant

Have you heard about what’s coming?

If you’re one of the many fans of Emily & Tony’s Aromatherapy Massage Candles, than you’ll love what’s coming next! Emily & Tony are premiering a personal naturally hydrating lubricant that’s made from the highest quality ingredients. This flavor and fragrance free moisturizing lubricant will leave you soft not sticky. Ingredients such as Aloe Leaf and Carrageenan extracts work to heal, protect and moisturize the skin. Citric Acid maintains the PH balance while natural botanicals provide a silky smooth feel.


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After a very long, dragged-out and explosive breakup, I’m not upset in the slightest that I don’t have a Valentine. In fact, I plan on spending the day (and night) with the person I love most, but neglected through that last relationship… me! I’ve had boyfriends for V-Day and I’ve done the singles parties, but this year I only want to spend the holiday of love with one person. I’ve decided to take the next few months to get selfish and date only myself, and that includes Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways I’m planning on loving, worshiping, and reconnecting with myself. Maybe you’ll enjoy a night of your own…
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