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April 2020 was a long, hard month indeed. But alas, we’re nearing the summer months and it’s officially May! If you need a break from bad news and days full of stress, we at Sex With Emily have got a reason for you to celebrate. It’s Masturbation Month all May long!

There are so many reasons to celebrate masturbation. Not only does masturbation feel AWESOME, it’s also great FOR you. There are health benefits galore when it comes to chokin’ the chicken, flickin’ the bean, or whatever else you do to get yourself off. 

In this video, Emily goes over the many health and wellness benefits of the wonderful act of self-pleasure.

Enjoy and Happy Masturbation Month! Touch yourself!


parody blog sex with emilyEveryone loves movies. The lights, the cameras, the action. But did you know that you can see your favorite blockbuster hits featuring a different kind of action? Porn parody action!

No matter what your favorite film is, there’s probably someone out there who made it into a porno. That’s just the way of the world! But what are the best porn parodies? Here’s a list of some of the best fuck films, for when you want to take your movie nights to the next level.  Continue Reading

magic wandSometimes my feelings become so strong they’re unmanageable. Sometimes, I’m so caught up in my emotions I can’t function before funneling my affections into something outside of myself. Sometimes I experience love to a degree that I have an unstoppable need to profess it in a letter. So this is a love letter to one of the most important and impactful members of my life. Continue Reading

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