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red flagsMy mother taught me early on to pay attention to the red flags. She told me, the issues that you have with a man on the first date you will have forever. I didn’t always want to believe her, but the more I’ve dated the more I realize she was right. You need to pay attention to the red flags in dating. Real life isn’t a romantic comedy. If you hated this person in the beginning, you’re probably going to hate them in the end. Continue Reading

what do women look for in man Men always ask me, what do women look for in a man? They treat attraction as a universal thing, as if all the women of the world all want the same thing on a menu of men. I’ll have the tall, dark, and handsome with nice job on the side. Also, I’ll have some extra money sprinkled on the top. Continue Reading

open relationships There has been a lot of talk lately about open relationships and polyamorous relationships. People want to know if these sort of relationships actually work. How do you not implode with jealousy when your partner is off frolicking with someone else? This is a huge fear that a lot of us live with everyday no matter our relationship status. Continue Reading

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