Is Cheating Worth Forgiving?

cheating Cheating brings all of the relationship problems to the surface. You’ll either have to resolve your issues with each other or make the decision to break up. Anything else is purgatory.

Here’s how to tell if cheating is worth forgiving:

Break up with them if…

They are a repeat offender.

They only feel bad when they are caught.

They won’t take responsibility for their actions.

You feel satisfied that you finally caught them red-handed!

You’re not surprised.

You know deep down this person is a cheater who is never going to change.

Consider making amends if…

They admit what they did because the guilt is eating them alive

You really love them and you truly believe you can get over it.

They cheated because of something wrong in the relationship that you think is resolvable.

They are taking responsibility for what they did.

You really think that it was a one time thing. Cheating happens but you don’t think it will happen again.

There are many different situations that drive people to cheat. Some people cheat because they think they can get away with it. Other people cheat because they are trying to get away from the relationship.

While some couples will never get over cheating, others can move past it. It is possible to build the trust back in your relationship with open communication, forgiveness and a lot of deep emotional work. It’s not easy rebuild trust, but it can happen. Some couples go into intensive therapy and work on their issues and get back together. Their relationship is stronger than ever because they addressed many of the challenges plaguing their relationship.

There are also the couples who come to the realization that there will always be something broken in the relationship. They have to pick up the pieces and move on to a new relationship, where hopefully they won’t make the same mistake.

Cheating is never fun, no matter which side of the broken heart you’re on. Just make sure you deal with the emotions and issues as they come up so you don’t stretch out the painful process longer than needed.  Facing the problems head-on will help you heal faster whether you decide to stay or break up.

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