Hot & Impaired: Steamy, Sexy Hacks

With sex, pleasure is the name of the game, but when it comes to having a disability, it can involve more struggle than sensation. Thanks to technology though, there are ways to get around the hurdles life has thrown you. So never fret! Your steamy sex life is just around the corner.

Here are real stories from people with different disabilities that, with a little help, took their sex lives to new heights.

Whitney & the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

I have a prosthetic leg, so at first glance, a sex sling seemed like it’d be an excellent opportunity to take my play vertical, seeing as most of my sex positions tend to be horizontal. It was easy to set up, though you do need to have enough physical capabilities to throw the top part over your door (which is how it stabilizes). Once it’s up there and the door is closed, you can adjust the straps to your liking and climb right in!

I will say I had a little bit of difficulty getting up and comfortable on my own without my prosthesis on, but thankfully, it’s meant for playing with a partner so that was a problem easily fixed. However, if both you and your current partner have physical limitations, it probably isn’t the apparatus you’re looking for. But don’t worry, Sportsheets has a lot of positioning straps that don’t require a door, but can drastically change your sex life for the better.

Despite the short moment of slight awkwardness being lifted into the sling, it was an experience I’m very glad I tried. I was able to try a different position, and my partner was able to get extra momentum, because surprise! A sling is like a swing. Needless to say, it was a game changer.

While it may not be part of my regular routine, it’s a great addition for when I’m feeling more adventurous.

Whitney Harris is a full time working girl and disability advocate from Tallahassee, Florida. Living life with a physical disability has opened doors for her career and her dating life. If we’re being honest, dating and sharing stories about dating, are two of her favorite hobbies. Whitney is proud to share her experiences on life, love and disability.

Sarah & The Womanizer

The Womanizer is the sex toy I didn’t know I needed. Whenever I owned vibrators in the past, I almost always used them just for clitoral stimulation, and it was hard to get the tip onto exactly the right spot. The Womanizer provides nothing but clitoral stimulation—but, as it promises on the packaging, it doesn’t overstimulate. You can adjust the settings by very small degrees, ranging from barely perceptible to WHOA THERE. You get stimulated quickly, and once you come, you keep having orgasm after orgasm, each more intense than the last.

You see, I’m on antidepressants, and getting aroused is a lot harder than it used to be. This toy, however, really does the trick. Another friend on antidepressants who owns this had a similar experience. I can’t express how happy I am to have a semblance of a libido again.

The higher settings are a bit noisy, so if you have a roommate or live with your parents you may want to wait until they’re not home to use this one. Added bonus: it charges via USB port. Highly recommended!


Mervin & The Fleshlight Quickshot

It’s no secret guys are pretty easy to please– even by our selves, but having some variety is a lot better than doing the same routine. That’s where the QuickShot comes in.

The thing about this toy is that it’s easy to use. I have partial blindness, so something round and open-ended on both sides doesn’t require me to have to look at what I’m doing. It did take me a couple tries to get that ‘wow’ moment, though. It feels a little daunting at first, but because it’s an elastic material, not only can it stretch, it can also compress. Even though the sleeve is very self explanatory, the ridges and grip you can have on it, is where the extra power comes in.

It got easier the more I used it, and discovering new ways of getting a grip also helped enhance the experience. It’s weight, texture, and comfort, all go into one great nut. Pair it with a warming lube and you’ve got yourself a great time.

I’ve literally burned through other sleeves, but this one, being open-ended, will last me a good long time. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, you can flip it inside out and get a new sensation….and you can do it all in the dark!


Mervin Hernandez is a professional and graduate student living in NYC. He is a person with albinism who loves to share his and others’ experience in living life to the fullest. Be on the lookout for more posts for the Hot & Impaired!



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