How Do You Masturbate?

Here’s the thing about masturbation: There’s no one right way to do it! Just like pizza, fro-yo or eyebrow maintenance, everyone likes it a little different, and that’s okay. In fact, I’d say it’s something worth celebrating…

Self-love has been a staple in human sexuality since the days of the ancient Rome, at least. Still, for every person who has their solo sex routine down pat, there’s someone else out there who is still struggling to find their masturbatory sweet spot. And what’s worse, there are even more people out there who are too shy to bring it up! That’s why, in honor of Masturbation Month, I want to know how YOU all show yourself the love, so to speak.

The whole point of this glorious month is to open up the conversation about self-love—to show the world how masturbation is one of the best things you can do for your sexual health and pleasure. In keeping with the spirit of May, I’m asking you to speak up and share your secrets for a satisfying and healthy solo sex life, in order to educate us and others about the many paths to self-pleasure. And hey, if you won’t do it for learning purposes, do it for the sexy prizes!

From now until the end of May, send tidbits of your masturbation routine to to enter the “How We Masturbate” giveaway. Tell us what time of day you prefer, how you set the mood, what erotica you watch, what toys you use… Whatever works for you, we want to hear it!

Every week, we’ll pick one of our favorite submissions to send a very sexy prize! If you’ve been curious about the Womanizer or lusting after the We-Vibe Touch, this is one contest you do not want to miss.

To get the ball rolling, find out how the Sex With Emily team likes to self-love in our latest video.




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