Is Instagram The New Dating App?

instagram date blog sex with emily
instagram date blog sex with emily

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Social media is fun, but have you ever wondered if it could land you a date?

Here are our top 3 tips for getting a date through Instagram!

The proliferation of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have made one thing has become undeniably clear… online dating is here to stay.

But have you ever wondered, does your Instagram say more about you than your dating profile?

Within the past year, it’s become apparent that dating apps are as inescapable as they are fun and easy ways to meet people. Plus nowadays, even an app that isn’t directly linked to dating can get you a hot date.

Apps like Instagram function as another kind of online profile, one that can even seduce a potential mate. But can we use non-dating apps to date? Today we’re exploring the guidelines for attracting someone on an app like Instagram, and how you make sure your online profile is attracting the right person. 


How Real Is Instagram?

Playboy bunny and reality tv star, Kendra Wilkinson tweeted that “Instagram is dangerous. What u see ONLY exists n what you don’t see NEVER existed n u make up your own story about some else thru pics.” Super poetic, we know, but she might be onto something. While her statement references the sometimes negative psychological effects of having an online profile, her sentiment also reflects the first rule in online dating: Don’t believe everything you see.


Regardless of whether or not you’re actively flirting via Instagram or just trying to ensure your profile is a fun, flirty representation of you, always remember that you have to use a keen eye. Online profiles offer an edited version of our lives. You’re only getting (or giving) one facet of reality. Be prepared for the fact that Instagram is only a glimmer into what a person is actually like. It’s their carefully crafted persona, not the real version of themselves.


Be Yourself!

Our online presence conveys a lot of information about our lives: where we live, who we love, what we value, and how seriously we take ourselves. Pay attention to your crushes content. Are there tons of pictures of food (are they eating out at the hippest restaurants or making a creative meal at home?).


Is their profile filled with pictures of them working out (are they a gym rat or out hiking?). Do they post pictures of art, song lyrics, heartfelt quotes or is their account geared more towards selfies? Reflect on if your findings of them vibe with your own personality and life perspective.

Then, examine your own profile from the point of view of a potential date. How’re you coming across? Adjust accordingly to make sure it feels like an authentic representation of yourself.


Fortune Favors The Brave

Finally, when and if you come across a profile that catches your interest, go for it, but be polite. Just like in real life, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Let go of the anxiety regarding rejection and ‘like’ someone’s photo, leave a sincere but concise comment, even ‘follow’ someone if you’re feeling gutsy enough. After initially reaching out, guidelines align with IRL rules- you can make one more attempt at contact and if that’s not received well, let it go.


Remember, online profiles like Instagram can give you insight into someone’s personality, but a person is more than their profile. Have fun with Instagram, but remember that there’s more to life than your online persona. Let your profile be a positive reflection of who you are, allow it to connect you to other people, but always remember that it’s your personality (not your persona) that really matters.


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