Let’s Take the “Freak” Out of Freaky Sex!

Amber-Heard-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vs-Magazine-F_W-201105It’s hard to believe that, in this day and age, there are any sex acts that could still be considered taboo. After all, last year was deemed the Year of Pegging in popular media. Virtual Reality porn went from being a thing of the future to, well, a reality! Things that were once considered to be sexually deviant or fringe are now becoming blockbuster hits. And according to a recent study, 1 in 5 Americans has been in an open relationship. Still, despite how open and accepting society may seem towards any and all forms of sexual expression, we still have quite a ways to go.

Imagine if the one thing that took your sex life from just okay to unbelievable was also the one thing you felt you couldn’t share with your partners, or even your closest friends. Well, this is what some people have to deal with every day.

People everywhere are still stuck in the proverbial closet (or literal, depending on where you keep the good stuff!), because their sexual interests fall a little too far from vanilla on the kink spectrum. Too many people still feel shame, confusion and embarrassment about what they’re into behind closed bedroom doors. Too many people settle for subpar sex because they’re afraid to explore and embrace the things that really turn them on. And that is a real tragedy.

Generally speaking, October is often associated with a handful of boo-worthy adjectives like spooky, scary and, of course, freaky. These words are harmless—adorable, even—when carved onto a pumpkin, but when you start trying to apply words like “freaky” to sex, well… It can also be considered hurtful.

Members of the kink community have been judged, marginalized and misunderstood for years, labeled freaks and deviants by those who considered themselves the norm. And we’ve all heard the term casually thrown around: “I heard she’s a FREAK in the sack” or “you just know he likes to get FREAKY”… As if being into something other than boring, vanilla sex was a BAD thing!

This October, we want to take the “freak” out of freaky sex. There are so many ways that we can experience pleasure and connect with our partners, and who’s to say that one way is more “normal” than another? In fact, it’s time to rethink the concept of “normal” sex altogether.

All month long, we will be taking a look at the many, many ways people explore their sexuality with one goal in mind: to show that no matter what you’re into, it’s all good! From fetishes to fantasies and everything in between, we’re going to be questioning the way we as a society think about kinky sex and encouraging you to explore your own undiscovered sexual interests. We’ll be sharing stories from members of the kink community, debunking myths and opening up about our own sexy adventures. And we want to hear from you, as well!

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too shy to ask? What turn-on’s are you keeping hush hush? What’s your hottest fantasy? And finally, what kinks, fetishes & fantasies do you want to learn more about? Email me: Feedback@SexWithEmily.com!

P.S. To kick off this celebratory month, we’re bringing you up to speed on all things kink with 10 facts on fantasies, fetishes and alternative sex. Enjoy… 

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