How to Love Your Hairy Bum As a Gay Man

hairy bum blog sex with emily

hairy bum blog sex with emily

Self-love and body positivity can be challenging goals for many of us, sadly. 

Especially when our body doesn’t look the way that mainstream porn usually depicts. 

Like if your bum is hairy. Today we learn all about how to love our butts, hair and all.


Although we only have one body to nurture throughout our life, it constantly changes as we age. Mine was skinny as a baby, short and chubby as a teenager, and is now slightly taller as an adult. I learned to accept these changes because most of them were temporary at the time.

Everything seemed fine until I started having sex with men. The body I grew to love became a list of flaws for another man to correct.

My confidence was already at a modest level, as I was exploring my sexuality with men. I came out of the closet at 13, but I wasn’t a sexually active teenager. My inexperience was either a turn on or a goodbye to the men I was meeting. Eventually, I hit it off with a man I was seeing, and he asked me if I was interested in sex. He was a nice man, good looks and great personality. I was sold! But the excitement disappeared once we took our clothes off.

The Birth of My Biggest Insecurity

The disgust on his face set the tone for the evening. My date was not impressed with my hairy bum. I’m not a hairy man, but let’s just say that my bottom inherited the hair that my chest didn’t. He told me he would only have sex with me if I shaved my cheeks and legs. He preferred smooth bottoms because they reminded him of women, as he was a “straight-acting” bisexual. In shock, I got dressed and ditched the date.


As the days went by, I still didn’t understand why the hair was an issue. We looked the same naked. We had big thighs, soft nipples, chubby stomachs, and hairy bums. His penis was significantly larger, but apparently, that was fine. I don’t know what he was expecting from another man. I had never thought twice about my hairy bum. He accepted my male features but wanted a female’s bottom. I stopped talking to him, but the damage settled into my brain.

Being a misguided twink, I put the razor to my cheeks. But then looking in the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself. I had “fixed” my flaw, but I felt more broken than ever. I didn’t reach out to him after I shaved, but I continued to believe that this would make me feel better. It didn’t. The hair grew back thicker and faster than before. I had razor burn from shaving incorrectly, and I was itchy whenever I sat down. Who had I become?

How I Learned to Love My Bottom

The months went by and I was fed up with constantly having to shave. Finally, I put the razor down and let the hair grow. I was still struggling with loving my hair, but I found some inspiration from ethical porn. To start, I searched for videos with hairy men, and I found all sorts of beautiful hairy bodies. They looked just like me and they were the epitome of perfection in these films. It was an unconventional method, but it worked for me!

I had made the mistake of allowing a person’s opinion of me define my confidence, but now I feel stronger than ever. I’m still shorter than most men, I have a chubby stomach and I have a great hairy bottom. I have not had any complaints since I stopped shaving because I don’t obsess over my hair.


Now I get compliments on how I own my sexuality and body in bed and on the streets. Insecurities come and go, but I’m not going to change my body for another person anymore. My happiness and comfort is my top priority when it comes to sex and dating. There will always be assholes (pardon the pun) who judge your body, but your self-love can overcome any negativity.

Please remember to love the body you have, and to accept the changes that we go through. Our differences make us special, so embrace your features and take your confidence everywhere you go!



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