My Wand And Me: An Erotic Story Of Solo Magic

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wand erotica blog sex with emilyYou know that feeling when you’re in a new relationship, and you just can’t wait to get home so you can ravage your beloved?

When you’re driving and you feel your hands clam up, the hairs on your arm stand erect, and you get so wet you’re afraid that you might ruin your new upholstery?

Well that’s how I feel…coming home to me.

It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to treat myself. I had just gone through a breakup with a guy who couldn’t or wouldn’t get me off and I thought, enough is enough. If he’s not going to do it, then I’m going to get it done. I’ve always been resourceful like that.


As I’m rounding the corner to my house, a song I used to slow dance to in middle school comes on the radio…


I swivel my hips in the seat. Feeling my spine massaging the leather. My legs vibrate as my skirt rides up. The leather barely touches me in between my legs as my skirt goes higher and higher. I feel my pulsing clit being squeezed between my lips and I clench my Kegel muscles along with the music. As the music comes to a climax, I just about join it. Almost. It seems like I could orgasm just from squeezing, but I had rolled into my driveway, and I didn’t want my roommate to see me climaxing in the front yard.


I turn off the car and immediately miss its vibrations…


I have something with a lot more vibration inside, so I take it lightly. As I pull down my skirt I feel my legs and underwear sticky and sweet with my own wetness. I take a second to peel myself off the hot leather. I guess I didn’t spare the cleaners.

As I get out of the car all I can think about is replicating the cars vibrations with a toy meant for a time like now. My phone goes off. I almost forgot, a new beau had been texting me, asking what I’m wearing, going through the motions. Red bra and panties, but I don’t respond. I put my phone on silent. Only I know the ins and outs of getting me off, and I don’t need any distractions right now. 

As I walk into my house I notice that my roommates keys aren’t hung up on the rack. She’s out. Thank god. I can pleasure myself in peace. And as loudly as I want.

I drop my bags and sprint to my room. I feel myself quivering as I open up my sex toy drawer. Each little item is as beloved as the next. The bullet I used with my ex, and the dildo I bought to replace him. The rabbit I bought for my birthday, and the vibe a date bought me years ago. The leather harness and the handcuffs. The gag. Great memories, but right now, I need something new. I eye my Magic Wand.


They must call it magic for a reason, and now, more than ever, I could use her enchantment.


I pull back my sheets as I bring the wand in bed with me. I unbutton my shirt and start playing with my nipples. Pink and erect, I think about the last time someone really sucked them. I wet my fingers, still sticky from the car, sucking on my two fingers for a long second. I taste so  good, it should be a crime. As I power up the wand, my nether regions quivers with anticipation. I’ve heard that the wand does wonders on your clit and honestly I can’t wait.

As I touch down the corner of the wand, I feel my entire body relax as my vagina tenses up. If it feels like someone is drawing my soul out of my clit. I feel the first orgasm washes over me. Holy shit. I can’t believe I waited this long to be with someone who makes me come. And it’s so  easy. My legs are shaking as I sit up and I feel like I must be gushing water everywhere.


Like there’s a water fountain between my legs, just waiting for someone to come take a drink…


I feel my wetness seep into my sheets, soaking the mattress as I come again. This time I can’t see, my eyes shut without my knowledge. My nipple brushes against the comforter as I fall to the side. As I feel another orgasm blossoming within me, I moan with joy. Deep within my body, ripping through my throat. “I need a glass of water” I think, as I come again. This is going to be a long night.




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