Making Out: Kiss, Lick, Nibble, Bite, Repeat.

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Making out isn’t just about locking lips while they fumble to unhook your bra.

Think outside the box (pun intended) with some licking, nibbling, and biting.

Good foreplay is all about hitting your partner’s erogenous zones, and not just the obvious ones.

Use these top tips to master the art of the make-out sesh.

Worth the wait

Don’t worry, you’ll get to the genitals eventually, but starting with a shoulder nibble and a lip bite can make the end game that much more satisfying. Build up the anticipation (and the heat) by taking your time before you get undressed. 


Here are four sexy things you can try while making out to turn up the heat…

1- Gaze

Eye contact adds heat to intimate interactions. Slow down, breathe deeply, and gaze intimately into each other’s pupils. Enjoy this moment of stillness and connection before moving on.


The, place your hands on either side of your partners head, and guide their face toward yours in a sexy, take-charge manner.

2- Kiss

Kissing can be done in many wants, so try out a range of techniques. Go soft and tentative with your lips barely brushing one another. Next, try long, deep kisses with lots of tongue, but not too much tongue! Nibble gently on the lower lip while you make-out.


You don’t have to limit yourself to kissing only their mouth! Trace your way down their neck with light kisses, and then across their collarbones.

3- Lick

To raise the temperature, use that tongue. For playful goodness, visit the neck and ears as well as some often-ignored erogenous zones– like the bends in the arms, behind the knees and between fingers and toes.


4- Bite

Don’t be afraid to use your teeth to give your partner added pleasure (and a sexy hint of pain). Light bites are a good way to start. Begin gently with the ears and the neck. If you partner enjoys it, build up to harder pressure.

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After you enjoy some serious gazing, kissing, licking, and biting, get ready for some rubbing and grinding, tugging, and rubbing…
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