May the Self-Love Be With You


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The month of May is a very special one.  It sits between the spring and summer, the weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, and we all appreciate our mothers a little bit extra.  Something most people do not know about marvelous May however, is that it is International Masturbation Month!  Self-love is in the air! Everyone thinks about it, most of us do it, but how many of us celebrate the sensational act of solo sex?  The answer: NOT ENOUGH!  There are so many wonderful things about self-stimulation to be happy about! Our friends at have provided a couple very interesting infographics highlighting some very interesting statistics and facts about chokin’ the chicken and flickin’ the bean.

Did you know that masturbation is actually good for your health?  It seems like a no-brainer that it helps to reduce the symptoms of mild depression, but here are some medical benefits of masturbation that you might not be as familiar with:


  • Masturbation can treat Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Self-stimulation decreases the chances of cervical infections
  • Masturbation gives you higher self-esteem
  • Frequent ejaculation reduces the chances of prostate cancer in men
  • Orgasms are a natural painkiller and may prevent endometriosis
  • Orgasms help to prevent heart disease

Why ever would you not want to masturbate? It feels good AND it’s good for you!  Well, it might sound crazy, but there actually are people out there who don’t do it! Studies show that a whopping 19% of Americans claim that they NEVER masturbate. Also, 8% claim they only masturbate “rarely.”  Sounds like selected torture, if you ask me. These people are most certainly missing out.  Masturbation is the catalyst for the majority of the orgasms in the world, but all humans experience pleasure differently, and for some of us, it might not work.  According to a survey conducted by, 7% of respondents say that they never orgasm when pleasuring themselves alone.

So… how can you step up your masturbation game?  We thought you’d never ask.  Introduce sex toys to your self love regimen! If you are already a sex toy aficionado, don’t underestimate the power of adding a new toy to your masturbatory compendium.



We know, there’s no shortage of dildos, vibrators and sex-cessories on the market for you.  How do you choose?  Well, every woman is different and every toy is different.  One universal tip that every woman would benefit from, however, is to remember to respect your clitoris. Penetration is not always a mandatory part of masturbation for women.   92% of women clain to reach climax from clitoral stimulation.  Only 51% claim to reach orgasm through penetration. SO for women, the clit is it!

There are a lot of clit vibrators out there.  A Sex With Emily favorite, however is the Touch by We-Vibe.  This super silky, spoon shaped clit vibrator fires on all cylinders. It’s made of soft, medical grade silicone with just enough give to feel sensual.  The spoon shape cradles the clitoris gently, providing the perfect amount of contact to the most sensitive spots.  It’s deep rumbling vibrations are reminiscent of passionate, loving sex with a partner!  The size and shape of the Touch make it perfect for using with a partner, it fits right in-between two sex-locked bodies!  If ever there was a romantic vibrator, this is it!



Ever heard of a Fleshlight?  Well, if you haven’t you are in the minority. Fleshlight makes the world’s best-selling male sex toy EVER.  It’s basically a portable vagina you can have sex with!  The super secret material inside is a NASA-developed combination of rubber polymers and high quality mineral oils.  Already have one?  Try a different model!  Fleshlight offers models that replicate mouths, buttholes, stamina training units, even molds of your favorite porn star’s vagina!

These ultra-popular sex toys are best sellers for a reason.  7 million units have been sold since 2014!  80,000 are purchased every month! 45% of customers are repeat buyers coming back for more Fleshlight love!  Join the happy penis party and treat yourself to a happy masturbation month present!

Don’t forget to love yourselves this May. Happy masturbating to all!


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