Motion of the Ocean Sends Couple to Jail

brodyThey always say “it’s not the size of the ship that matters, it’s the motion of the ocean”- but recently a couple in New Jersey had to learn the hard way that the saying isn’t meant to be taken literally. An extreme case of PDA ended with the arrest of a couple who police say hd sex in broad daylight in the ocean off the Jersey Shore.

The couple, a man and woman in their twenties were arrested after they allegedly had sex in the ocean. Investigators say the public romp took place shortly after 4 p.m. on Sunday. A crowd of about 30 onlookers formed as the duo went at it, seemingly oblivious to their audience on the beach. The incident takes the ‘sex in public places’ concept to a whole new level.

“They appeared to be heavily intoxicated,” said a witness. “When police arrived they were pretty confused.” The couple was quickly directed out of the water by responding police officers and taken into custody. They were eventually charged with lewdness and released on a summons.

How much affection is too much in public? An article from CNN offers commentary on PDA, it “can be an issue for couples, especially when the twosome has different thresholds for modesty. Here’s the lowdown on how to be affectionate without offending your mate or the people around you: “In moderation, and in the right venue, they’re fine. Assuming that one half of the couple isn’t leaving for a two-year deep-space mission, I’ll say that any PDA beyond hand-holding, arm-around-the-waist, closed-mouth-kiss type is out of order,’ says Charles Purdy, aka “Mr. Social Grace”…an etiquette columnist and author.”

“Extreme PDA – hands under clothes, deep tongue kissing – just makes the couple look incredibly immature or, possibly, drunk…In other words: keep it PG-rated, kids. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.” Good advice.

Always remember that PDA is a healthy part of any romantic relationship. Maybe if this couple from Jersey had read my blog on outdoor sex they might’ve chosen a better location for their public display of affection.

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