Romancing the Roomies: 4 Tips for Great Sex When Your Partner Has Roommates

RoommateLos Angeles is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. With the high cost of living and popularity of certain neighborhoods it seems almost impossible not to have roommates. So what’s the proper etiquette for having amazing sex when your partner’s roommates are definitely home?

Recently, I’ve been dating someone that lives in a house full of other like-minded, single men and I’ve begun to feel a little embarrassed about our (sometimes) loud sex. I’ve experienced various living situations throughout my twenties- I’ve had roommates, I’ve lived in apartments with thin walls, and I’ve dated guys that were more amorous and loud than others. Yet, I’ve never been quite so insecure about my predilections to loud sex. I’ve always been so excited by my sexual activities that I felt nothing but pride. “So what if they can hear me? I’m having sex, you’d be making noise too if only you had someone to make noise with!” I thought. Maybe it’s because I’m older, or because my partner’s roommates tend to be home a lot more than any of my previous partners, or maybe it’s because the sex is so great that I get loud more often than ever before but one thing is for sure- most people can benefit from a refreshing reminder of how to have sex when your significant other has roommates.

1. Be thoughtful. Loud sex, filled with your preferred amount of dirty talk, is great- but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Be aware of who is home and adjust volume accordingly.

2. Take advantage. Sometimes not saying anything, or softly moaning, can be really hot. Make whoever can be the quietest a game. This can push your partner to pleasure you in different ways.

3. Embrace it. If you are going to have loud sex go for it! If quiet sex isn’t working for you, don’t do it. Give into your desires and get loud!

4. Be nice. When not in the bedroom make sure you’re polite. Know the each roomies names and use your manners. Quiet or loud sex aside, it’s a lot easier for roommates to deal with your presence if you’re a nice person.


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