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Valentine’s Day

52a08e9044f5625cf8b9183a2a0e4297Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I know you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for that sexy someone in your life. Do you get them chocolate? Flowers? A big screen TV? So many choices, so little time..

As you know, I’m a big believer in giving a gift that can bring you and your lover pleasure all year long.. And since V-Day is all about the giving and receiving of love (self or otherwise), it seems fitting to pick a present that does the same. So whether you’re single or in a relationship, here are my top picks for gifts to put the “Happy” in anyone’s Valentine’s Day..

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Emily and Australian Sexologist Dr. Nikki G talk about the pressure of Valentines Day and how you don’t have to embody 50 Shades’ Christian Grey in the bedroom… at least at first. Emily shares how to take baby steps towards 50 Shades of Grey sex. By the end of the episode you’ll have your leather chaps strapped on and whips ready. Continue Reading


Emily talks with women about what they think is cute or cliche on V-day. Emily breaks down the most romantic and repulsive date ideas, from reading each other poetry in the tub to fancy fast-food, from heart-shaped boxes to shamelessly selling yourself on eBay… Continue Reading

SWE – V-Day & Night

Emily and Menace discuss all things Valentine’s – from self-love to better oral sex, to where not to get your gifts wrapped. A listener is still stumped about where to find porn, and Emily has a profound love for Red Lobster. Plus, learn how to finally achieve an orgasm and how to break up on Valentine’s Day. Be aghast, but not really that surprised, when Menace reveals what everyone asks him about Emily.


Emily discusses Valentine’s Day, commonly known as “Singles Awareness Day” for many Americans. How to and whether to even use your electric toothbrush as a vibrator. Also, do men really not like short hair on women? Emily gives fun advice for singles on Valentine’s Day.


Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden talks about Valentine’s Day gift ideas and how to introduce a vibrator into your relationship.

Emily lives in a hoarder’s house of sex toys and needs help. Emily also talks about being predictable in bed, “Baby Daddy” mysteries, penis pumps, and hanging nude self-portraits in your house.

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