Tantalizing Textbooks?

628x471We all remember how we got “the talk”, right? It was either our parents sitting us down to explore their own, very out-dated, copy of “the birds and the bees” or we watching those awkward videos at school with fellow fifth grade classmates. However, one school in the Bay Area took sex education to the next level. Parents of The Fremont Unified school district began a petition to ban the sex-ed book “Your Health Today” due to its “inappropriate” topic choices.

In attempt to replace their old textbook, dating back over a decade, they decided to go a more graphic route. The book not only covers the anatomical basics but teaches about sex toys and their usage, bondage, and even how to create an online dating profile! Many parents claimed that the book is educational for modernistic views on sexuality, but that it isn’t appropriate for high schoolers. They also say the book was in fact, meant for college freshman, but that this district in particular still chose this book as part of their curriculum. A student reacted to the book’s text saying, “I don’t really feel like I need to know about that right now.” On the other other hand, Sex educator, Elle Chase stated, “I don’t know what kind of sexual education you got, but a teenager took a blackboard and showed me how babies were made,”. She sees nothing wrong with embracing children’s sexual exposure in today’s world and encourages others to do the same. One parent, also in favor of the text noted, “There is nothing there that’s going to make him go exploring [more] than they have access to on their smartphones or on the Internet — nothing made me feel that it was inappropriate,”.

While yes, many young adults have an endless stream of information about the world pouring in from their phones, laptops, or even modern novels, where should the line be drawn? How can we fully own our generation as being the most educated without encouraging young age groups to be the most experienced?


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