The Sexiest Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Ever Meet

mother's day gift guide

This is not your mother’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. We want to maximize pleasure for all moms! Whether you’re shopping for a mom or you’re a mom shopping for herself, these are some of our to-go gifts to help you celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Foria Intimacy Bath Salts with CBD and Cacao

TBH, moms deserve all the pampering they can get—especially on days where stress and sleep deprivation feel very, very real. For the ultimate spa experience, try the Intimacy Bath Salts with CBD and Cacao from Foria. The combination of mineral-rich salts and CBD helps to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension, creating a spa-like experience that gives mom the break she deserves. We’ve heard soaking in the Intimacy Bath Salts can even be great foreplay to your bedroom fun. Bonus! Sex With Emily readers get 20% off with the code EMILY on all of Foria’s products. 

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

We love a versatile gift—especially when that gift involves orgasms. This Dr. Emily-designed necklace is both a beautiful piece of jewelry and a strong, slim vibrator. Use it at home for private play or while you’re out on a hot date as an epic conversation starter. It’s available in silver, rose gold, and gold, AND it comes with three different engravings. Mom is gonna feel as good as she looks.

Lunya Washable Silk Set

Why not make going to bed a more luxurious experience? Regardless of how stressful life gets, this silk set will definitely keep you or your loved one cool and comfy. Lunya’s set includes a pair of silk shorts and a sleeveless shirt, made with thermoregulating, breathable material that will keep the wearer cool. And since it’s washable silk, you don’t need to sacrifice luxury for ease.

Boob Puzzle

We’re obsessed with this boob puzzle and we think you (and your mom) will be, too. Besides, what better way to spend Mother’s Day than putting together this beautiful and artful puzzle? You can have quality time AND celebrate boobs together. (Sounds like a pretty solid night to us.) 

Tabu’s Sexual Wellness Kit

We’re obsessed with how Tabu was developed by a mother/daughter duo who wanted to make pleasure more accessible for all women. This wellness kit hits all the bases by combining a lightweight and sleek massager with an organic and healing lubricant. The massager even has a warming capability, which can help stimulate blood flow to essential erogenous zones.

Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

If you haven’t tried Osea’s body oil, get ready to have your life changed. We’re obsessed with how soft it makes our skin feel—and the mom in your life will be, too! This seaweed-infused body uses antioxidant mineral hydration to nourish, soften and firm the skin. It helps visibly reduce stretch marks and diminishes the appearance of sagging skin. It’s our favorite, easy way to look and feel amazing. 

Yarlap Kegel Exercise Kit & System

Wouldn’t it be great if you had something that did your kegels for you? Well, you and your pelvic floor are in luck: that totally exists! Yarlap with AutoKegel is an award-winning FDA cleared medical device that does Kegel exercise workouts for you. It’s perfect for moms who want to strengthen their nether areas. Yarlap helps urinary incontinence, tones the pelvic floor muscles, and can even lead to stronger orgasms. Bonus! Sex With Emily readers get $30 off when they use the code EMILY.

Mama Glow Desert Sand Body Polish 

Give your mama some glow with this body polish. Made with naturally healing ingredients like yucca and honey, it’s perfect when used to scrub away dead skin and leaves you feeling toned, soft, and luxurious. It’s also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to de-stress and feel amazing. 

Naja Sustainable Bras + Underwear

This Latinx-owned store has all your lingerie needs and wants in one place! They’re eco-friendly, vegan, and socially conscious–who knew helping the environment could be so sexy? Naja has different styles of undies and bras that will make every mom feel like a total babe. 

Dr. Sherry’s Urja Silky Serum

If you heard Dr. Emily and Dr. Sherry Ross talking about the importance of maintaining vulva health on the podcast, here’s where to start. Dr. Sherry’s Urja Vibrant V Moisturizing Silky-Serum is OB/GYN developed and designed to help improve dryness, irritation, ingrown hairs, and other pesky issues that may be interfering with your sex life. It’s like anti-aging for your nether regions. The vegan serum uses quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid, broad-spectrum CBD, bakuchiol, and Vitamin C, which together, create a soothing and nourishing experience. Bonus! Sex With Emily readers get 10% off of all of Dr. Sherry’s Urja products with the code EMILY10. 

Theragun Prime

We all know that moms deserve (and need) a massage, so why not invest in a massage tool that can be used right at home? Theragun’s percussive therapy massage devices are amazing tools to target muscles and unknot pain points. Why not gift her a massage she can give herself every day?

Regardless of what it is, do something to make Mom (or yourself) feel extra amazing. You know she deserves it.