How to Enjoy Different Types of Sex

different sex with emily blogWhen it comes to sex, everyone does it differently and we all have different definitions for it.

Even though many fall into a routine of how it all goes down, there are so many different ways to enjoy sex and what it has to offer. That’s what makes it fun!

There’s a myriad of different types of sex to have!

Here are a few different types of sex and how to enjoy them more often.


Mutual Masturbation

There are so many benefits to mutual masturbation. One – if you’re feeling lazy, but still utterly horny, here’s a way to get off without having to do anything except sit back, touch yourself, and watch your partner. Two – watching someone (especially your partner) touch themselves is incredibly hot. It’s essentially real-life porn! Last, but certainly not least, you can see exactly how your partner likes to be touched and can use that information the next time you’re having sex. Think of it like a stimulation tutorial.

You can use just your hands, incorporate your favorite toy, like the Melt by We-Vibe for the clitoris. Make a game out of it, too! Start at the same time, and whoever finishes first has to finish the other person off. Or if you’ve both mastered multiple orgasms, see who can have the most in a given time frame! Who knew orgasms could be even more fun than they already are?



A recent study found that 31% of women did not find oral sex very pleasurable. In theorizing about why, the authors explained, “In their interviews with young heterosexual women, Roberts et al., (1996) discovered that women’s comfort with receiving oral sex was closely related to how they felt about their bodies.” Women often focus on how they may smell, if they’re fresh enough, etc. and it blocks their ability to focus on the pleasure it brings them. And. That. Just. Sucks.

If you’re not finding oral sex pleasurable because of these reasons, remember that your body is beautiful however it is! Maybe that mantra isn’t working for you, or you know your body is beautiful, but oral feels too intimate regardless.

Try integrating showering into playtime. Steam it up while you guys are getting hot and heavy, and then jump in and wash each other off. Your skin will feel sensitive and ready afterwards, and you can leave your concerns behind.



The act of simultaneous oral sex – where everybody wins! However, it can also be really uncomfortable. The person on the bottom usually has to hold their head up to actually give pleasure, and the person on top is sometimes too conscious of whether or not they’re squishing their partner. And when you’re thinking about those factors, it can be hard to focus on the giving as well as the pleasure from receiving.

A super easy way to remedy this is to roll to the side. Yes! It’s that simple. This way, your head won’t get tired from holding it up for so long, you won’t be crushing anyone, and it even makes it easier to incorporate your hands or a toy, as well.



Licking of the anus, the sphincter, tossing the salad – rimming will surprise you at how pleasurable it is. The light sensation of a tongue on this really sensitive spot feels incredible!

However, some couples pause because of worries of what may be coming out of this area. This is another great activity right after the shower, or during the shower. 


Anal Sex

Anal can feel great for both partners, whether you’re being penetrated or doing the penetrating! If you’ve never tried it, or the first time was less than pleasurable, it doesn’t mean there aren’t way ways to ease yourself in and add it to your repertoire.

Don’t expect this to be a one-and-done activity. Start off slow and small with a finger or butt plug to get your partner used to the sensation. You might need to do this on a few occasions so that the sensation can transition from odd, to uncomfortable, to interesting, to AMAZING.

Throughout this practicing process, and once you get to the real deal, use a TON of lube. Everything will feel easier, and a whole lot more pleasurable. And keep adding the lube throughout, like Uberlube. You really can never have too much.


Some of these sexual activities may not have been your forte before, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to leave them out of your arsenal forever. Make a few adjustments, and it might be one of your new favorite activities.

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