How the Fleshlight Has Titillated Twitter

flesh If you haven’t noticed, social media has been taking the plunge and trying out what fleshlight has to offer. Organic testimonials are popping up left and right. Seriously, twitter is all over what fleshlight has to offer. In case you haven’t heard (or in case you need a reminder), the Fleshlight is the number one selling sex toy for men. This sex toy is made from silicone that simulates the look and feel of a vagina. The Fleshlight even features different textures and openings you can choose from. For instance, you can purchase the Lotus Fleshlight which features varied widenings and canals that further simulate the inside of a vagina. Check out what people on twitter are saying!

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Sexual Confidence

emily4Today’s show is all about confidence. Why? Emily believes you should make it your life work to cultivate confidence and tells you how to do it. Hands down men and women say confidence is the sexiest trait in and out of the bedroom. What’s preventing you from having it in the first place? Menace shares tips on how he got through his insecurities in the dating world and built his confidence. Confidence and self esteem are not about the way you look, how much you earn and definitely not how much you weigh. Emily gives advice on what women find attractive about confidence, what it means to be a confident woman and Menace shares the male perspective on the same issue.


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How the Greatest Condom in 400 Years Could Save the Porn Industry

condoms-Getty-images-e1390168119276As of last week, AB 1576, a bill that will make condom use mandatory on all adult productions in California, passed in the California Assembly. The bare minimum of votes needed to approve a bill is 41 and in this case a 45-14 vote was cast moving AB 1576 to the State Senate for further action.

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Trying to Conceive? Pre-Seed Lube is Fertility Friendly

pre-seedAre you and your partner trying to conceive? What if we told you that the lubricant you’re using could be producing an adverse affect on your fertility? Studies show that 15% of couples in the United States are medically defined as “infertile,” meaning that they engage in unprotected intercourse for over a year yet they do not become pregnant. In at least half of these cases, the male partner is the reason behind infertility.

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The Flaccid Truth About ED and Over the Counter Medication

285x285_natural-remedy-erectile-dysfunction_2Eli Lilly, the makers of Cialis, the world’s best-selling impotence drug, now want to make the erectile drug available for over the counter sales. More than 45 million men have taken Cialis.

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Finding Love In Spring

ddb31fd4488d13c7531dc7f74d00be92Spring: a time for rebirth and finding love. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and you should be going at it like a bunny rabbit on its birthday..

If you’re not already wading through rainbows and riding unicorns through fantasyland, it’s time to break away from old habits that are breaking you down. Hibernation is over! Get out there and show everyone what you’ve got!

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Twitter: Studies Show Women Slut-Shame Each Other As Much As Men

fc35cc295d060bb0404fdbdc2346cd99We’d like to think that derogatory and “slut-shaming” slurs were left back in high school. In a perfect world, it would be nice to believe that derogatory language has been dropped down to a minimum. But the sad truth is that a study done by UK think tank Demos found that online misogyny is alive and well. What is most interesting is the gender analysis behind the tweets and posts.

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Deciding to Go: No Longer the Hardest Part About the Gym

crossfit nude1We know that sex burns calories and can be way more fun than the gym, but what about a gym where everyone is sexy and naked? A CrossFit gym in Aarhus, Denmark offers nude workouts for its super sexy clients. One night a week, participants at Spartan Mentality have a strict dress code: nothing but gym socks and shoes allowed!

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Porn Hub: Calling All Creative Porn Enthusiasts

UntitledIn case you don’t already know (c’mon…), PornHub is the premier online destination for adult entertainment. Recently, the hugely popular website released an exciting call to its oh so loyal fans. PornHub is challenging you to be their new creative director!

The brilliant minds at PornHub asked for high-quality designs that while being G-rated and “safe for work,” were also exciting, thought-provoking and entertaining. These ideas are intended to be featured on TV, online videos, magazines, billboards, and more. The contest received over 3,000 submissions which have been narrowed down to the top 15.

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She Was So High – It Must Have Been That Bag Of Weed In Her Vagina.

smokeA Fort Lauderdale woman is behind bars after a weekend arrest in Palm Beach, where she was accused by police of hiding a bag of marijuana in her private parts. The 25 year old woman was arrested by Palm Beach police for an outstanding warrant but she also  faces one charge of pot possession after the strange find. Told after her arrest that any contraband she took into the Palm Beach County Jail would result in felony charge, Johnston admitted she had stashed a bag of weed in her vagina. After being transported to the Palm Beach Police Department, the woman allegedly removed a clear baggie containing 2.6 grams of marijuana from between her legs. The woman faces charges of possession of marijuana and failure to appear.

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