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Explore pleasure, deepen connections, and enhance intimacy using these SWE approved downloadable guides. Made for discovery with either partners or solo play, these guides are full of tips and tricks to help you enhance your romantic connections and unlock pleasure.

Your Guide to Penis Pumps

Whether a penis pump is used right before sex to help prompt erection, or used regularly for long-term benefits like confidence and sexual endurance, it’s a worthy addition to your sexual toolkit if you or your partner has a penis.

Yes No Maybe List

The list every couple needs. Made to help you express your needs, boundaries, curiosities and desires. Read more about how to use it here.

Sex Positions Guide

A visual guide of foundational sex positions you can mix and match to tailor your perfect sexual experience.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sexting

A comprehensive guide to text messaging with a sexual flavor. Get sext message inspiration, learn best practices, understand sexting emojis, and more.

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Mutual Masturbation Guide

A guide to mutual masturbation with a partner, in person or virtually, for an erotic pleasure-filled experience.

Pleasure Planner

A step-by-step guide to help you map out and reach your goals for a more fulfilling, pleasurable year.

Edging 101

A guide to solo and partnered edging, known as the practice of stopping yourself from orgasm when you’re on the brink, in order to create a more intense finish.

Tips for Better Communication

A supportive guide for how to have tough conversations wih your partner and better communication overall.