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Claudia Lestat

zumio erotica sex with emily blogI walked in through my front door after what felt like a very long day at the office. The last thing I expected to see was a hand-drawn map on the floor.

Hanging up my purse and keys, I squatted down to take a closer look. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a map of our apartment, with a large X marked “you are here” right at the front door. The living room is marked “make-out zone”, the kitchen says “impact play”, and the bedroom is called “pleasure town”.

I chuckled, my husband’s silly sense of humor amused me, and also made my cheeks feel flushed. The workday is long forgotten. After all these years, my husband could still surprise and delight me.   Continue Reading

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To me, it seemed like a completely normal Tuesday morning when I woke up. I had no idea that it would be anything but normal…

I got out of bed, had a shower, and slipped into a sundress for the day. Even though we were already well into spring, it was just finally starting to get warmer. I was keen to celebrate the sunshine by showing off a little skin.

The coffee machine gurgled as I brewed up some coffee for my girlfriend, Cathleen, while she was in the shower. I checked my emails while I waited for her to to be ready.

“You look gorgeous today babe” I told her when she finally appeared in the kitchen. “Thank you beautiful, that sundress is very sexy you flirty little minx” she replied. I flushed bright red and tried to hide my face.

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I was dreaming of the ocean.

I floated calmly, supported by the salty tide as I drifted through the clear blue water, each wave lifting me gently before placing me back down. I watched the birds overhead and felt completely at peace. I felt some seaweed wrap softly around my wrist, so silky and cool. More tendrils wrapped over my other wrist, and then my ankles, but the water supported my weight effortlessly and I wasn’t concerned.


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