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Emily Morse

No I’m not talking about penises. Anyway, girth matters more than length.

The longer the better when it comes to oral sex, unless you can get your partner there in a couple of minutes…

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Sex Pot

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I’m in Venice Beach where everyone and their mothers are heading to the beach to celebrate 420. Odds are some 420 enthusiasts will end up in 69 position tonight or at least get to 2nd base. Maybe someone will even have marijuana menage a trois (threesome) with a couple of sex pots… Continue Reading


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How long should foreplay last? I hear this question mostly from my male audience. Try this formula: Take however long you’re spending on foreplay and triple it.

Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. The truth is there’s no magic number for how long foreplay should last. But it should probably last a lot longer than you think… Continue Reading

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