Breaking Bad Relationship Patterns

Every time we break up we always vow to never make the same mistakes again and never to date that same kind of person. But once the next breakup comes around, we realize we’ve done exactly that, and fallen heedlessly into a destructive pattern. Getting caught in a pattern is exhausting not only because you blame yourself for your unhappiness, but because it makes rebounding more difficult, and forging connections with new people seem pointless and bleak, a Sisyphean task to overcome for little gain.

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Do I Masturbate Too Much?

Dear Emily,

I am 60-years-old and still would like to be sexually active.  My wife does not care for sex anymore, so I end up masturbating a lot.  Sometimes I masturbate 5 or 6 times a week.  I enjoy doing it and it makes me feel good and wanted.  Am I abnormal in my feelings and can you ever masturbate too much?  Any advice for me?
Dave (answer below)
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5 Fitness Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Chatelaine Magazine wanted to find out my exercise routine, or should I say ‘sexercise’ routine.  Fitness is important for better sexual health. Here’s my go-to recommendations:

1. Do yoga
The flexibility of yoga definitely is important. But beyond the flexibility for certain positions it has so many benefits in that it makes you less stressed. It opens up parts of your body that can help you when you’re having sex.

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Ask For What You Want in Bed

If your 2013 hasn’t been full of mind-blowing sex and amazing relationships, this show help get you there. Emily discusses how to change your sex life in 2013 with powerful vibrators, sexercise, more foreplay, and lots more oral sex. Emily confesses what she wants to change about her sex life, and explains how to tell your partner exactly what you want in bed…

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Lasting Longer

It’s every man’s biggest worry- “Do I last long enough in bed?”

Surveys show that most men don’t believe they last long enough. If your climax comes after a few minutes of intercourse try using these tips…

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Does he really love me?

Dear Emily,

Over the last 18 months, I finally was able to get up the nerve to kick my husband out and go through a divorce.  During the early stages of this I met a man and was generally open about where my relationship was at.  He has obviously had some sort of relationship trauma because he was extremely cautious and wanted to take things slowly…

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Guest Fernando and Greg

Greg Sherrell from Fernando and Greg in the Morning discusses gay dating in San Francisco. Greg reflects on growing up gay, from hiding his porn to telling his butch brother he prefers men. He also describes his shock at finding out his Dad’s ex-wife was the lesbian softball coach…

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The Year in Sex

2012 ushered in a wave of new sex trends from the popularization of BDSM to finding love with the help of a smelly, old T-shirt.

Let’s take a look back on the year that brought us Mommy Porn





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Sexual Resolutions

Get organized. Start exercising. Stop drunk texting your ex. It’s a new year, which means it’s time to make some changes in your life… especially your love life. So let the sexual resolutions begin.

For better sex in 2013:

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What Not to Say on a First Date

First dates are the worst. You have to hang out with someone who you probably don’t know that well and aren’t even sure you like. Maybe you met them drunk at a party and don’t even remember what they look like. All you remember is telling all your friends, “I’m going to marry Ryan.” You probably aren’t going to marry Ryan. But when he calls you Sunday morning for a coffee date, you will be there no matter how harrowing your hang-over is. 

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