10 Sex Tips from Game of Thrones

what-should-hbo-doBe warned, this blog contains sexy spoilers from the Game of  Thrones series.

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Steak and Blow Job Day

Lady Gaga in Vogue

Dissatisfied men declared March 14th Steak and Blow Job Day. Exactly a month after Valentine’s Day, men would like their girlfriends to give them a blow job while marinating a steak at the same time. No big deal.

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The Sexiest President’s of the United States of America

Many people forget that President’s Day isn’t just about buying a new mattress at a ridiculously low price. President’s day is about recognizing the men who have made the s USA what it is today– for better or worse. Today we take off our hats to the biggest studs to to grace the oval office.
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Top 5 Vibrators for Singles

vibrators for singles

You know those friends who won’t stop talking about their boyfriends? They go on and on about how he has the perfect penis. Their boyfriend is supposedly the most attentive, loving creature, and the best at oral sex. “Someday you’ll understand.” The next time they want to tell you about their romantic Valentine’s Day plans and “perfect” sex life, tell them about your night. Eight orgasms in a half-hour. 

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6 Things America Did for the World of Sex

world of sex To celebrate America’s birthday, we made a list of America’s proudest contributions to the world of sex.

I’m not going to sit here sipping on my Coors and say that America invented doggie style. But we did invent the pill. 

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The 5 Sexiest Dogs & Their Owners

sexiest dogs There’s nothing sexier than man’s best friend. Dogs make bland, unattractive people incredibly sexy. Or at least bearable to be around. Kloff, the iPhone app that helps pet owners mate with other pet owners, has discovered the top five breeds that make men more attractive. But what do the five sexiest mutts say about your man?




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Green Sex

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, bunnies are humping, and you’re getting it on shamelessly against the trellis.

No wait, that’s not you. That’s your fantasy self that’s having sex next to a babbling brook. That is of course when you’re not riding on the back of a unicorn…

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Feminist Porn

Many men think they can tell if a woman is faking an orgasm, but they’ve been watching women fake it over and over again in porn. They even epitomize these “climatic” moments as their greatest sexual fantasies.

Well, I hope your fantasy isn’t pounding away while a woman pretends to love your penis. Because that’s what a lot of porn is.

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The Best Sex Positions

Sex With Emily is proud to present it’s first soft-core claymation. Whether you are gay, straight, or made out of clay, we think you’ll enjoy our slightly perverted art project.

A special thanks to these coital claymates for modeling the best sex positions…

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Sir Richard’s Condoms

Sir Richard’s Condom Company makes me want to wrap up in flannel and make passionate love in a cozy log cabin. The perfect combination of hipster and do-gooder, Sir Richard’s cruises around Boulder, Colorado (Sir Richard’s HQ) in an adorable plaid Volkswagen Van and gives away condoms to developing countries. Please marry me Sir Richard’s! Or at least take me for a ride in your sweet love mobile.


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