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Rose Breedlove

Burning Man is known for being a place of freedom, freeform, and openness. It’s out-of-this-world, another world, wild, and some would even say weird or crazy. Now that I am a two-burn veteran I can say, confidently and proudly, all the above are true.

But wait, it can get even wilder, and better if you make– in my promiscuous opinion– the right decision to walk through the fabric doors of the Orgy Dome.


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Threesomes: everyone’s talking about them, it’s “the cool thing to do,” but how many are actually partaking? Some jump in deep, and many seem to be open to the idea, only to become hesitant when it comes to stripping down. It’s that inner battle of being open to a three-way, the itch to try it out, topped with the fear of possible negative repercussions.

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