SWE – Her Big “O”

Emily advises not going to a strip club on a first date like she did on Miss Advised. Emily gives sex advice to a 34-year-old virgin who wants to find love, to a 15-year-old girl who wants to learn how to have her first orgasm, and a 30-year-old female who has tried everything possible to orgasm to no avail. Emily shares personal stories about her first ever orgasm and what it takes to get her there. She also shares the number one reason women have trouble reaching climax and what they can do to achieve an orgasm. Understand your body, claim your own orgasm, and never wait for a man to have the “right moves” in bed. Also, Emily is on a mission to change the world with lube and a certain sex toy.

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  1. Camlawnman says:

    podcast cuts off at 39:52 never finishes then after awhile her theme music plays and starts over

  2. Jennifer says:

    Regarding the drinking to orgasm easier. Don’t! It actually makes it harder for a lot of women to come. One drink = good sex, two drinks or more = not so much

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