Morning Sex, Naked Photos, and Orgasms

I’m answering your biggest sex and relationship questions on my show. What do you do when you just can’t give your girlfriend/wife/lover an orgasm? How do you ask someone to be in a polyamorous love circle? Should you send naked pictures of yourself to anyone? Are swingers healthier than monogamous couples? What do you do when you’re partner loves morning sex and you just want to sleep forever/chug coffee? Happy Holidays! 

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  1. royster says:

    Guy whose girlfriend has never come needs the rest of his answer: if he suggests as you say and she’s not interested it’s time to move on. He affirmatively likes sex. She hasn’t shown any interest to date and if I had to place bets she’ll say she’s still not interested. Sexual incompatibility is valid grounds for breaking up, and you should empower him with this wisdom. It’s not an ultimatum–God help him if she tried to force herself to be sexual. They’re just different in a way that will haunt them if they let it.

    If it gets better, fine. But if she doesn’t care to expand her interests, this will be a weekly argument, a daily thought, and a constant insecurity.

    Trust me on this one. And finish your advice to him.

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