Slow Sex: Let’s Make Love!

slow sex blog sex with emily
slow sex blog sex with emily

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Sometimes taking it slow isn’t a bad idea… and I’m not talking about waiting to have sex.

Slow down your movements to have better, longer-lasting sex.

Sure, a wild night in the sack can be extremely hot, but slow sex can create a wonderful, sensual experience.

Plus, the longer a woman is stimulated,  and the slower the sex is, the more likely she will have an orgasm.

And it’s 2019 people, everyone should have equal orgasm opportunities. Luckily, we’re here to help. 


Why Slow Down? 

Slow sex isn’t just better for women. For men, slowing down your movements can help them experience stronger orgasms. This is because the slower you take things the closer you will get to orgasming without going over the edge. When you finally do orgasm the release will be that much sweeter.


Making Slow Sex Sexy

How do you slow down sex without turning off the heat? Grind slowly to hit all the spots you want to hit. You want to grind against the clitoris as much as possible. The clitoris is the key to female orgasm.

It feels good for penis owners to alternate between long and short strokes because their two most pleasurable points are the top of the penis near the head and the prostate near the bottom. These strokes will help you get the stimulation you might miss while having fast, jackhammer sex.

Slow sex can help men last longer, and give them more time to perfect their movements. It also increases the chances of women reaching orgasm. Rub the clitoris with the penis (or finger, or dildo), spiral your waist clockwise and then counter-clockwise, and switch from shallow to deep movements. The slow speed will allow you to really get in there and explore. The CAT Technique is heavenly for slow sex, so try that one out too.

When it comes to making love there really isn’t anything like sensual, slow sex. 

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