SWE – Liberate your Lust

Emily challenges you to go big or go home, and fantacize! From dirty talk to transcending the boundaries of your sex life, you need to liberate your lust. Emily’s cohost Menace shares some intimate memories, prompting a discussion about men’s fantasies. Emily also has a few dating tips for listeners who find themselves on the deep end of dating.

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  1. Xavier says:

    When you are ready, when your special guy comes along, your lidibo WILL come rushing back. Maybe in a new way, in a way asking to be explored, or maybe in the way you’ve always known. couldn’t be truer in my situation. its definitely back but its different then how it felt before. i like this better it feels warm, intense, loving.. i’m taking my time and enjoying it because its all new and there is no rush.thanks tinque xx

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