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Dear Emily,

I’ve been in and “on and off” relationship for three years now that is currently on its way to being “off” again.

I feel we’re just stuck in a cycle of break-up and make-up, and I don’t think that it’s doing either of us any good.

How many times do you try to make a relationship work before calling it quits?

Thank you,



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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

When we first fall in love, we want it to last forever.

We pray that the word “divorce” never crosses our lips.

However, the reality is that not all marriages (or long term relationships) last forever.

Here’s what you should prioritize in your relationship to decrease the chances of breaking up. 

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Sex with your Ex


Dear Emily,

I moved out here a year ago with a friend. He got out of the military and wanted me to come back home with him and see where it went. Initially I proposed we have an open relationship. We never really dated anyone else and the past year has been beautiful, spontaneous, and full of sex. I’ve fallen head over heels for this man and he’s unofficially asked me to marry him. Continue Reading