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cstreingForget the G-string, it’s all about the C-string… and there really isn’t much to it.

Looking more like a retro headband, the smallest of fronts tapers to a wire that tucks between your cheeks and, ahem, holds everything together.

A recent article states that “men are buying them in droves for their wives and girlfriends as an alternative to sensible granny pants. Women, it has to be said, are not so impressed.  One wrote on a forum: ‘It either bent from shipping or is of very poor quality.’ It is very uncomfortable. The fabric is almost like swimsuit material, very weird. “It doesn’t stay in place. Can’t see wearing this for more than 2 minutes. Don’t waste your money … this product is worthless.” Her views have been echoed by women columnists around the world, some of whom road-tested the garment and came away more than a little miffed. One labelled it ‘the worst thing ever to happen to women’s undergarments … and possibly humanity.’ Continue Reading